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WAG's Coles Range has something for all dogs, no matter what need:

What are dehydrated treats?

And why are they a healthy addition to your dog's diet?

As dog parents, it’s up to us to make the right choices for their health. Natural dog treats are a great addition to any dog diet but they also provide many holistic benefits from promoting good gut health to easing puppies' teething to aiding with dental health.

By treating your doggo with air-dried, single ingredient meat, you can feel at ease knowing that you're giving them the ultimate fuel that not only align with their physiology, but are also free from additives, preservatives, fillers and grains.

Want to know more about WAG's commitment to sustainability? Read up here.

Single Ingredient Beef Jerky 100g

For pure Beef Jerky, the chew is strong and the aroma stronger, with a deeper bite than other jerkies for super doggo dental health. The full-flavoured, tough and juicy texture aids dental health by scrubbing away plaque, tartar and signs of periodontal disease.

Beef Bladder Sticks (5 Pack)

Bladder Sticks are a bag of health benefits in manageable bites - long lasting for gum and dental health, boast mouthwatering taste, nourishing calcium and magnesium, and hours of guaranteed entertainment. They’re grain free, single-ingredient, can’t stop-won’t stop plaque-busting treats for every shape and size.

Kangaroo Rib Bites 100g

Kangaroo Ribs are a dog treat favourite. Manageable pieces means they're great for any dog of any size or chewing nature. This single ingredient treat will fight doggo dental disease like a knight, for their pearly whites. Full of the good stuff like calcium and phosphorus for healthy joints, this dental snack is the perfect addition for all-round-health.

Pig Ear Strips 100g

This 100% grain-free, porky treat is a seriously crunchy plaque-killer for your doggo. Comes with a flavour that’s out of this world that is extremely palatable for even the fussiest of treat connoisseurs. This treat is excellent for in-between meals or doggos looking for quicker crunch.

Beef Trachea Chips 100g

It’s impossible to steer you wrong with grain free, protein rich, sustainably sourced Beef Trachea Chips. This super palatable low-fat treat hits all the yummy spots that traditional Pig Ears do, but in smaller bites for long-lasting satisfaction and lower calorie enjoyment. Beef Trachea Chips are chock-full of glucosamine to help ease achy joints and soft on the teeth for puppies and seniors.

Offsetting carbon emissions

We take our commitment to the environment seriously. This is why we have partnered with Greenfleet to offset our carbon emissions through their native reforestation program. Every time you treat your doggo, you are contributing to the restoration of our Australian and New Zealand forests.

Sharing responsibility for a sustainable future

WAG is part of the REDcycle Program making it easier for you to recycle your soft plastic WAG bags and, keep plastic bags and packaging out of landfill. Collect, drop and recycle at your nearest recycle point.

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