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Kangaroo King Tail

Kangaroo King Tail

15 reviews


Kangaroo Tail Bone

Kangaroo Tail Bone

13 reviews


Kangaroo Teeth Cleanser Bone

Kangaroo Teeth Cleanser Bone

59 reviews


Kangaroo Large Bone

Kangaroo Large Bone

9 reviews


Kangaroo Rib Rack

Kangaroo Rib Rack

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Our collection of kangaroo bone dog treats is as uniquely Australian as it gets. Packed with flavour, nutrition, and endless fun, these treats are perfect for dog parents who want only the best for their doggos. 

Explore our fantastic range including favourites like Kangaroo King Tail, Kangaroo Tail Bone, Kangaroo Teeth Cleanser Bone, Kangaroo Large Bone, and Kangaroo Rib Rack.

Why choose kangaroo bones for dogs?

Kangaroo meat is famously lean and packed with high-quality protein, making it a superior choice for your dog’s nutrition. Low in fat and hypoallergenic, these treats are particularly perfect for pups with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

As your dog chomps away, kangaroo bones also secretly polish their pearly whites, boosting their dental health with every bite! 

Plus they're the perfect boredom buster, keeping your pooch entertained and busy for hours – need we say more?

Packed with lean protein power!

Kangaroo meat is a superstar in the protein world, packing a punch with its super low fat and high nutrient levels. This lean protein powerhouse fuels your dog’s muscle growth and keeps their energy zipping and zoomin’! 

Dental health delivered naturally

Chomping down on kangaroo bones offers more than just satisfaction for your doggo; it's a natural way to help keep their teeth clean. Our Kangaroo Teeth Cleanser Bone is like a toothbrush disguised as a treat! It tackles plaque and tartar build-up, boosts gum health, and freshens breath, all while your furry friend chomps away happily.

Every bite and gnaw is a step towards boosting dental hygiene, making these bones a brilliant pick for terrific tooth care!

Hypoallergenic happiness

For pups with dietary sensitivities, kangaroo is a game-changer. Recognised as a novel protein source, kangaroo is less likely to trigger allergies compared to more common meats. This makes our kangaroo bone treats an excellent option for doggo’s with special dietary needs and sensitive tummies.

Engagement and entertainment

One of the best things about kangaroo bones? They turn any dull moment into a playtime marathon – perfect for keeping your dog busy on a lazy afternoon or as a rewarding challenge after a training session.

Whether it’s the Kangaroo King Tail or the Kangaroo Large Bone, each treat keeps your dog happily engaged and entertained for hours on end. It’s non-stop fun in every crunch!

WAG kangaroo bone dog treats

  • Kangaroo King Tail: An impressive large treat that offers both flavour and a tough texture for prolonged chewing fun.

  • Kangaroo Tail Bone: Ideal for dogs who love a good crunch. This treat provides both the nutritional benefits of lean kangaroo meat and the dental advantages of bone chewing.

  • Kangaroo Teeth Cleanser Bone: Specifically designed to enhance oral health, this bone is a must-have for maintaining your dog’s pearly whites.

  • Kangaroo Large Bone: Big on size and taste, it’s the ultimate treat for larger breeds or dogs with a big appetite for chewing.

  • Kangaroo Rib Rack: These ribs offer a satisfying crunch with the added bonus of delicious, lean kangaroo meat.

Shop kangaroo bones in Australia

Right here at WAG, we make it easy for your dog to get their paws on top-quality Australian kangaroo bones. Each bone is responsibly sourced, meticulously processed, and packed with care to ensure that your dog gets only the best from us. Browse our full range online today and let your dog indulge in the pure, natural goodness of kangaroo bone treats.