Deer Antlers Bones and Horns for Dogs

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Deer Antlers Bones and Horns for Dogs

Dogs have a natural need to chew. So give them something to chew! And if you want to make sure they sink their teeth into a treat that's both healthy and tough, surprise them with some WAG deer antlers for dogs. Loaded with calcium and phosphorus, these chews will keep them mentally and physically energised for as long as they are a-chompin'.

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Deer antler dog chews are the perfect treat for pooches who like to bite your furniture or shoes, either due to teething, anxiety, or a natural inclination to do so. The WAG durable deer antler chews are truly an all-round healthy dog treat, as they can help reduce a pup's plaque and tartar build-up during a tasty chew sesh.

Which Antler Dog Chews Do I Choose?

Our sustainably sourced deer antlers for dogs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. They are naturally shed by deers, a by-product of the venison that we put to good use. The age and breed of deer that the chew came from affect how flat, soft, forked, and chewy it is. Split antlers have their marrow exposed, making it easier for little teeth to tear through them. Whereas whole antlers are for the canines with a stronger chomp.

Size-wise, pick something big enough that your dog won't swallow in one gulp, but small enough that they can chew in comfort. And when they chew has eventually been worn down to a size small enough to be swallowed - swap it out! But enough said - go get your pooch a crunchy chew and make their doggy day.