Our Story

At WAG we’re a little bit cheeky. We bark but never bite, and we love your doggo like our own. 

Dogs share 86% of our DNA, but to us, they’re 100% human. WAG is a different breed of treat giving dog owners peace of mind and dogs nothing but a quality single ingredient. 

Jeremy Goldman. Founder. 

Jeremy Goldman and Levi.

 Ten years ago, Jeremy started working by with local butchers and selling one of the first Australian-made, all-natural dog treats at Melbourne markets. 

‘I've always been a dog lover. My passion has always been for dogs. I grew up my whole life with large dogs. I wanted an 100% natural, healthy, grain-free, additive free treat for my dog, and there wasn’t anything out there, so I created one.’

Community. Innovation. Education.

When it comes to health, we're leading the pack. 

We all have dogs, love dogs and talk dogs, so, it’s pretty great. Your best mate doesn’t deserve anything second rate. As pet parents, it’s up to us to make the right choice for their health. Sustainability and social consciousness drive our moral compass so we create pure treats with a purer purpose: to bring dogs and owners closer together. 

Meet the Pack

So many people ask us what it’s like to work at WAG. We’re all about this head-out-the-window, tongue-flapping thing we call life. Like creative kids on too much sugar – but not, ‘cause our mindset is all-natural and the treats we give your dogs (and ours) are great for their overall dental health.

The WAG Fam is all about living a healthy, active lifestyle while taking time to stop and sniff the roses. That means epic events for our dog community or jumping online to share your dog pics and ROFW (Rolling on the Floor Wagging).