If it's not in nature, it's not in WAG.

We have a holistic view of sustainability. This means working towards a greener future is at the core of everything we do (even our WAG brand colours).


Working towards a sustainable future means caring for our planet like we care for your doggos – inside and out. We’re fully aware of our ecological paw-print and work closely with our suppliers to ensure best sustainable practices.
From sunburnt outback to deep blue sea.
This means we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and becoming part of the solution for waste management. If your dog's playground is the park, ours is the earth. So we make conscious choices to benefit both.

Ethical Sourcing

We do our research. WAG develop innovative products because we're always thinking of better and smarter ways to treat our dogs naturally. Sourcing by-products of human consumption and re-purposing them as natural dog treats minimises waste and does not disturb the ecosystem.

Recyclable Packaging

It's important to us that nothing nasty goes into our treats and nothing nasty goes in to our packaging. That's why our WAG bags and tags are 100% recyclable.

Community Driven

Transparency and traceability mean bringing it back into the hands of the community. We focus on what we put in to your dog's treats and what we give back to the dog community (nothin' but the good stuff). Being eco-friendly means being dog-friendly: we work to support rescue groups and bone-a-fide heroes helping dogs in need. 

You can get involved in WAG's sustainable path too. Share your thoughts and ideas with us, so we can make a greener future together.