Our mission: Green from day 1

We thought sustainably before it was cool. In the world of WAG, green isn't just our brand colour – it's our ethos. From our approach to ingredients to our fun WAG packaging, we’re all about treating every pupper responsibly while giving Mother Earth a lil’ love pat.

What Leftovers?

No stone unturned, no meat by-product overlooked! Our innovation shines in repurposing meat byproducts meant for humans into tail wagging treats. In our playbook, reducing waste means throwing a double treat – one for Earth and one for your dog. Waste not, want not, wag a lot!

Animal Welfare

We care as much about where our meat starts its journey as where it ends up - in your pup's happy tummy! That's why we only hang with trusted farmers and butchers who are as committed as we are to raising animals in five-paw luxury. Happy animals = quality treats = happy doggos.

Pawprint Reduction

We're not just barking up the sustainability tree; we're planting it too! We're buddies with Greenfleet! With every treat you give your doggo, we contribute to native reforestation in Australia and New Zealand. Every time you treat your pet with WAG, you're also planting the seeds for a better tomorrow, literally.

A treat for every moment

Sniff out our range of treats to find the perfect reward for your furry friend.

Treat your doggo, love the planet

Be the change you wish to see in the dog park!

Sustainable dog treats

Sharing Responsibility for a Sustainable Future:

With WAG in the REDcycle Program, recycling soft plastic is a walk in the park! Sniff out your nearest recycle point and help us keep landfills lonely.

Supporting local farmers

Backing the Local Bark: 

Supporting WAG isn’t just about treats – By choosing WAG, you’re sending virtual belly rubs to our local farmers, butchers, and the heartbeat of Aussie agriculture.