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Got a pooch who likes to gnaw? Or chomp? Or maybe even bite? Quick - chuck 'em a Bully Stick!

WAG Bully Sticks support dental health, are full of flavour and provide an ultimate chew for dogs. 

A Scrumptious Stick With No Nasties
100% real beef pizzle with 0% grains or additives. That's right, the real meat loaded in our Bully Sticks make them the closest thing to a gourmet chew toy. Unlike traditional rawhide chews and treats, Bully Sticks are real food that packs more protein, fewer soluble carbohydrates, and a whole more yum with each chomp.


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About this product

Ultimate Chewer

Ultimate Chewer

WAG Bully Sticks offer dogs a long lasting treat with the ultimate chew.

Highly Digestible

Highly Digestible

A single ingredient treat, WAG Bully Sticks are a 100% natural & digestible.

Promotes Dental Health

Promotes Dental Health

Healthy dog treats that help support dental health in dogs of all sizes.

Intense Flavour

Intense Flavour

With an intense bully flavour to satisfy the fussiest of doggos.


100% Beef Pizzle

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min.) 80.0%

Crude Fat (Min.) 2.0%

Crude Fibre (Max.) <0.1%

Moisture (Max.) 12.0%

3200 KCAL/KG

Size and Weight

Regular: 13-15cm, 22g (per piece)

Large: 28-30cm, 48g (per piece)

Packed In


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right-sized Bully Stick for my dog?

WAG Bully sticks come in two sizes, from 15cm to 30cm. The 15cm bully sticks are standard and perfect for Small to Medium Sized dogs. The 30cm Bully Sticks are excellent for large dogs and heavy chewers. Always supervise your dog the first time they chew a new product and ensure plenty of fresh water is available. While all our products are carefully selected for the highest quality and safety, please consider your dog’s health, age, diet, and chew capacity before introducing a new treat.

What is a Bully Stick?

Bully Sticks are single-ingredient, easily-digestible chew treats made from beef pizzle or bladder. They’re safe for dogs and offer various health benefits; bully sticks won’t splinter and are highly digestible for dental health. Bully sticks are an ultimate chew level, perfect for the strongest of chewers.

Why do the thickness of Bully Sticks sometimes differ?

Our products are 100% natural. This means that we never process them or alter their natural state. Just like any other natural product, shape and consistency can sometimes vary.

Which products are most suited to puppies?

Our Bully Bites, Collagen Sticks and Bully Stick are best suited to puppies who have started their teething journey at the 6-month mark. Always make sure to supervise your puppy when chewing a new product and make sure plenty of fresh water is available. It is also important to minimise chew time at first to a 3–5-minute period and slowly build up over a week-long period.