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Healthy Dog Treats With Zero Additives

WAG brings your canine companions the best dog treats made from air-dried meat with zero additives. Shop ethical and sustainable Australian-made dog treats today and your dog will thank you later!

What feeding your dog WAG actually means

Working towards a green future is at the core of everything we do at WAG. Our mission is to treat every dog, everywhere to good health with a commitment to an ethical and sustainable approach. That's why we proudly support initiatives that are at the forefront of creating a sustainable future.

Healthy Treats = Happy Tummies

What's the difference between a highly processed treat and a natural treat if they cost and taste exactly the same? The effect they have on your health of course! In Australia, natural and organic treats can often be expensive, but it's amazing when it's not.

Here at WAG, we offer Australian made dog treats with 0% grains, fillers, or additives at accessible prices. Spend just $75 and up to qualify for free shipping. To save even more, subscribe to our repeat delivery program and never run out of natural dog treats for your furry friend! Plus, our natural treats provide a great range of nutritious benefits with every chew.

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