Yoghurt Drops for Dogs

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Yoghurt Drops for Dogs

WAG yoghurt drops for dogs are the perfect nutritious nibbles. These easily digestible drops pack such a punch, you'll be tempted to sneak in a bite (or three!). And if you did, you'll be glad to know they are 100% human-grade, full of gut-loving probiotics to aid digestion, and calcium-enriched to build strong bones. Perfectly soft and sustainably sourced, these yoghurt drops are as good for a puppy's gums as they are for the planet.

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Tasty Training Treats

Our nutritious yoghurt drops for dogs are the perfect everyday treat for your doggy training sessions. They come in a handy lightweight jar that you can easily carry around, all so you can easily whip out a fantastic training reward when needed. While they are loaded with nutrients, these yoghurt drops for dogs should not replace a main meal. Instead, enjoy them as naturally good treats that you and your pooch will both feel good about.

Can't Choose?

With all these yummy flavours available, your pooch is totally spoiled for choice! So, if it's your first time trying out WAG yoghurt drops for dogs, what do you say to saving up to 30% off? 

We offer natural dog treat packs that you can pick and mix from, each one featuring a selection of our most popular treats. To try out a few different flavours of our yoghurt drops, opt for the When The Drop Hits pack and let your pooch benefit from the probiotics and calcium in each bite. And while you're here, be sure to check out our huge range of single-ingredient, zero additive meat treats for dogs.