Yoghurt Drops for Dogs


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WAG Yoghurt Drops Vanilla
WAG Yoghurt Drops Vanilla


Healthy dog treats made in Australia


Perfect for training & full of gut-loving probiotics

Frequently Asked


How Do I Store Yoghurt Drops?

Store WAG Yoghurt Drops in the fridge or a cool, dry place. Ensure the container is sealed and airtight when stored.

How Many Yoghurt Drops Can I Give My Dog?

Refer to the feeding guide on the pack of your pack. Dogs up to 10kg can have up to 5 drops a day, dogs weighing between 11-25kg can have between 5-7 drops a day, dogs weighing between 26-45kg can enjoy 7-10 drops a day, and dogs 45kg+ can have up to 10 drops a day. 

Are Yoghurt Drops a Healthy Dog Treat?

Short answer – YES. But think of Yoghurt Drops as a cheat treat for dogs. So just like we do with our favourite desserts, it’s important to exercise moderation with our dogs.

Are The Probiotics In Yoghurt Drops Good For Dogs?

Heck yes! Probiotics are good bacteria found in yoghurt that help promote gut health for your dog. Probiotics help support healthy digestion, upset tummies and inflammation. They've also been known to help with bad breath.

Can I Use WAG Yoghurt Drops For Training? 

YES, WAG Yoghurt Drops are the best dog-training treats. Bite-sized, these sweet treats for dogs will have your doggo sit, drop and rolling for more.