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GET WAG just got some more swagger

We’re wagging like a dog with two tails here. After five years of treat-deliverin’ goodness, we get a new look with lots of licks of paint. What’s new?

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The lowdown on Bully Sticks

Get the 411 on Bully Sticks, as we work tirelessly to demystify dog treats so that you don’t have to.

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Real Talk about Fish Treats

Treats from the deep blue sea are fully loaded with healthy perks targeting skin, coat, digestion and essential oils in one sweet and salty package. Despite their booming popularity, some dog owners are concerned about the sourcing of treats from the big blue.

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Can my dog eat yoghurt drops?

Yoghurt drops are the treat that pet parents are going bananas (and strawberry, and apricot, and vanilla) for. These fruity flavours add some punch to any dinner bowl, in moderation with a healthy doggo diet.

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Are goat horns safe for my dog?

Goat horns are like the best kind of chew toy. They’re filled with natural goodness. And they’re 100% safe for dogs.

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Work it (with your doggo): Tips on bringing your dog to the office

We’re diving into everything office-dog-related: the good, the bad and the hairy, because at WAG HQ, we’ve experienced it all. 

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