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Rabbit Ears (30 Pack)

Rabbit Ears (30 Pack)

61 reviews

$15.99 $12.79

Pig Ears

Pig Ears

55 reviews


Cow Ears (10 Pack)

Cow Ears (10 Pack)

37 reviews


Deer Ear

Deer Ear

20 reviews

$18.99 $15.19

Veggie Ears (10 Pack)

Veggie Ears (10 Pack)

10 reviews

$44.99 $31.49

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Delight your doggo with our premium range of ear dog chews featuring the finest selection of animal ears that cater to every pup's taste and chewing needs. 

From rabbit to deer ears, each treat is packed with natural flavours and health benefits that support your dog's well-being and dental health. Keep your doggo grinning from ear to ear with an ear.

Rabbit Ears - lean & nutritious

Our Rabbit Ears are the perfect low-fat treat for dogs of all sizes. These chews are not only lean but also rich in essential nutrients like Vitamin B12 and Niacin (B3), which are crucial for your dog's metabolic and nervous system health. 

Every ear is gently dried to lock in its natural deliciousness, delivering a crunch that'll have your dog doing backflips! Perfect for dogs with sensitive bellies, our rabbit ears are a super gentle snack for those with dietary needs.

Pig Ears - sustainably sourced satisfaction

For dogs who crave a longer-lasting chew, our Pig Ears are a match made in heaven. These treats are deliciously chewy, helping to bust boredom and relieve anxiety through extended chewing sessions. 

Each pig's ear is 100% natural and sustainably sourced, reflecting our commitment to high-quality, ethical pet treats. The rich, savoury flavor of pig ears makes them a favorite among all doggos, while their texture helps scrape away plaque, promoting cleaner teeth and healthier gums. 

Cow Ears - crunchy & single ingredient

Our Cow Ears are the ultimate treat for pet parents seeking a lean, one-ingredient wonder! Famous for their irresistible crunch, these cow ears are a stellar low-fat option compared to other chews. Totally digestible and free from any nasty additives, preservatives, or chemicals, they're a worry-free snack for your furry friend. Not only are they incredibly tasty, but they also play a hero role in dental health, fighting off tartar buildup to keep those pearly whites clean. It's a tasty and therapeutic win-win for your pup!

Deer Ears - hypoallergenic & rich in vitamins

If you are looking for something gentle on the tummy, we highly recommend our Deer Ears. These hypoallergenic heroes are jam-packed with B vitamins to boost your dog's health and energy levels. Super chewy and fun, they help keep your dog's teeth sparkling and gums healthy by gently scrubbing away with each bite. Their unique texture and makeup make them a unique treat that’s both rare and utterly irresistible. Trust us, your dog will go wild for these delightful chews!

Shop ear treats for dogs online now

At WAG, we’re all about dishing out the highest quality ear dog chews that dogs love. Our lineup of animal ears for dogs is a cut above the rest, thanks to their all-natural preparation, nutrient-rich profiles, and our dedication to sustainability. 

Choosing our ear dog treats means you’re not just treating your pet to their favourite goodies - you’re also boosting their health and happiness. It’s a tail-wagging, joy-sparking win for both you and your furry best friend!