Long lasting, great tasting and totally natural – what more is there to want?

Bully Sticks get a whole lot of loving at WAG, and we’ve got mad respect for the endless natural benefits they offer.
Being softer on teeth than the other O.G’s (like Antlers and Goat Horns) means they can be enjoyed by the whole doggo family, from great to small.


Long-lasting Goat Horns are cast-aside in the wild as a byproduct of human consumption, and naturally we never let a good thing go to waste.

 The Keratin proteins inside Goat Horns provide the building blocks to add strength and shine to coats. This boredom busting chew promotes good dental health by helping scrape away tartar build-up by a massive 70%. Stuff the Horn with yoghurt, peanut butter or other treats for a fun, interactive treat.

Goat Horn


Antlers are all the rage throughout WAG’s product range – and for good reason.  

Full of appetising marrow and bursting with the benefits of calcium and phosphorous, Antlers are like a doggo lollipop that lasts all night and offers nourishing benefits, too. Boredom busting is their speciality and promoting dental health their favourite pastime.


To ensure that every dog gets a meaty bite no matter their allergenic needs, our range of bones is entirely Kangaroo and celebrates its nourishing, hypoallergenic benefits.

Kangaroo Bones are a phenomenal addition to any healthy diet, bursting with the good stuff like calcium, phosphorus,

and a magnificent meaty taste. Combine that with dental benefits like no other, there’s no downsides (except when they’re chewed-up and done).

Sardines 1kg
Lamb Ribs 1kg


Did you know more than 85% of dogs over four years old have some form of periodontal disease? Then dental chews come as good news. Use Dental Sticks to stop mouth tissue damage, reduce dental disease and keep your pup's breath smelling clean as heck.