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How to stuff your hollow Goat Horn

Words by: Gemma Sheehy

May 18, 2021

How to stuff your hollow Goat Horn

The WAG team knows a thing or two about long-lasting treats, and why they’re such an unbeatable addition to your chew arsenal.

Boredom busting is our business, and it’s not a business we take lightly. We revel in finding the diamond in the rough. Digging out fresh, unique and delicious ways to keep our canines from driving us crazy while we’re waist-deep in a Zoom meeting.

We consider all-natural chews an art form. Okay, it might sound pompous – but isn’t there something magical about indulging in a nap while your doggo is blissed out on a super-chew? 😴

A goat horn, split in half and revealing the hollow centre.
It’s not what’s on the inside that counts.

Enter goat horns.

If you’re a doggo owner you’ve likely already tried (or heard of) goat horn chews.

Goat horns are single-ingredient, straight from the source and incredibly long-lasting. Their tough outer core is packed full of keratin protein, and in the middle is dense marrow. Goat horns double as an all-natural toothbrush for healthy teeth and a solution to mental stimulation.

The unique thing about WAG goat horns? They’re empty.

A long (long!) time ago, we made the decision to de-core our goat horns and sell them hollow instead.

Our years of experience in the industry presented us with a difficult challenge: traditional goat horns were boasted for their extreme longevity, but after enough time exposed to canine saliva, the marrow was subject to rotting from the inside out. We’d hear (and see 🤢) cases where the core would develop mould and a particularly foul smell, which consumed enough of, could cause sickness.

Obviously, this wasn’t ideal. We’re committed to bringing only good health & benefits to doggos, and this didn’t fit in. So we took the marrow out.

Around the same time, the infamous KONG toy was really starting to boom. See where we’re going with this?

A variety of dog treats laying on a white surface: including goat horns, cheese, tuna, dehydrated treats, wet food and a spoon. A heading reads ‘how to stuff your hollow goat horn.’
The opportunities are endless.

Stuffing your goat horn

We realised the hollowed-out goat horn served a perfect purpose as an all-natural treat toy. Even better, they come in split and whole varieties, meaning you can pick and choose the difficulty that suits your doggo best.
But just like KONG toys, there are some tricks to stuffing your WAG goat horn.

Two goat horns on a white surface, with yoghurt drops and dry dog food sitting between them. Text reads ‘1. Start with something dry’.
If it doesn’t spoil, stuff it down.

Start with something dry

This bit is important: in order to maintain freshness and avoid spoiling, it’s important that the deepest half of your goat horn is full of dry treats. You’ll want to pick something that can pour straight out once your doggo has dug through the seal, and won’t suffer if it’s left inside for a few chewing sessions. Our favourite options include:

Two goat horns, both half-filled with dog treats. Beside them are two piles of dehydrated fish and dehydrated jerky. Text reads ‘2. Include some fresh foods’.
The more tempting, the better.

Include some fresh foods

Here you can start packing in the real delicious bits: something strong-smelling and tempting to keep indecisive doggos interested. You can also take the opportunity to pop in some nourishing veggies, provided they’re mixed in with something extra tasty.

Two goat horns half-filled with dry dog treats, with a can of tuna and a can of applesauce sitting beside them. A hand holding a spoon is pouring applesauce into one of the goat horns. Text reads ‘3. Seal with something sticky’.
Solve the treats-spilling-out crisis.

Seal with something sticky

The last essential step is to ‘plug up’ the goat horn. This will work as a cap on the treat that your doggo has to dig through to make it to the delicious innards. Our fan favourites are:

Bonus round: stuff in a long-lasting chew

For the real warriors, up the ante by stuffing in long-lasting chew and sealing it in with your sticky selection. Then it’s like a long-lasting treat within a long-lasting treat – what could be better? Our top picks include:

Kick your treat game up a notch

Quick tip: freezing your stuffed goat horn will switch up the treat difficulty, toughening up your soft ingredients and adding an extra piece to the puzzle.

If you’ve stuffed your goat horn with ingredients that spoil (like dairy and meat), freeze your horn between chewing sessions to maintain freshness and let the good times go on.

And if you CBFed with all that? 😌

You can always try out our new pre-stuffed goat horns, packed full of dehydrated (and therefore mould-free) mince for endless entertainment. The choice is yours.


Gemma Sheehy

If there's one thing Gemma's passionate about in life, it's dogs. When she's not writing about them at WAG she's living, breathing, walking and snuggling with her own. Besides dog shows and sporting events on the weekends, Gemma is partial to cooking (sometimes) healthy meals, watching horror movies and making records for time spent in pyjamas.