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A revolutionary new treat to occupy your doggo: Collagen sticks

Words by: WAG Team

Published on: May 24, 2021
A revolutionary new treat to occupy your doggo: Collagen sticks


  1. Beef
  2. Good for all dogs including puppies and seniors
  3. Long lasting as heck
  4. And, looks like a Bully

But it’s not a Bully. So, what is it? 🤔

We’re talking Collagen Sticks: a revolutionary new treat to occupy your doggo from teething to boredom busting.

Collagen Sticks

📸 Shelby Huckstep

What are Collagen Sticks?

Collagen Sticks are made from collagen-rich beef, rolled into a stick shape. The end result? A long-lasting chew that kinda looks like a Bully Stick.

This collagen-rich beefy treat is chock-full of peptides and amino acids to help maintain the building blocks of your doggo’s body. The collagen boost helps support the reduction of inflammation and promotes healthy skin health and mobility.

It’s a long-lasting, alternative-to-rawhide, 100% digestible treat that has dental benefits that’ll get your dog’s canines going and going and going.

Who can chew ‘em?

These beefy treats are 100% meat and 100% digestible. As they’re all meat, they are appropriate for puppies and seniors with softer teeth and their saliva can aid with the breakdown of protein.

How are they different from other long-lasting chews?

Bully Sticks

Collagen Sticks are made from a collagen-rich layer of beef skin that is rolled and dehydrated into a stick shape for your doggo’s chewing pleasure. Comparatively, Bully Sticks are made from beef pizzle which is 100% muscle. Muscle fibres are tougher than the fibres of a Collagen Stick so overall, Bully Sticks are a great chewing challenge compared to Collagen Sticks which are perfect for more moderate chewers.

That being said, Collagen Sticks are an excellent alternative to Bully Sticks if you’re looking for a boredom busting or in-between meals kind of chew.

Antler and Goat Horns

The main difference between these treats is that Collagen Sticks are 100% meat, whereas Antler and Goat Horn are hard casings that are virtually meat-free. Antler and Goat Horn are known as the ultra long-lasting chews for those grizzly bear chewers in a dog-shaped body.

Compared to Collagen Sticks, you’ll find your doggos’ saliva will be able to soften this meaty treat in a minimum of 30 minutes to release those amino acids and peptides.

Time to chew the collagen

With this newest kid on the block, we understand there may be questions about how this treat can offer timeless benefits to your doggo.

100% single ingredient Collagen Sticks speak for themselves though, and we know your doggo is in for a literal treat.

And when it comes to the amino acids, peptides, and protein-rich benefits for your doggo and a long-lasting nature to stimulate the mind, what’s there to lose except for a few hours of chewing and chewing and chewing?