Natural Bully & Beef Collagen Sticks

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Natural Bully & Beef Collagen Sticks

Our 100% Bully beef collagen sticks for dogs and Bully bites have 0% additives and grains, making them the perfect chewy treats to keep your pups fit and lean. The high protein content of each Bully and beef bite help keep your pooch feeling more satisfied for longer, too. Plus, these tough meat treats are a must-have for maintaining your dog's dental health, keeping their breath fresh, gums clean, and teeth plaque-free.

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Bully Bites vs Bully Sticks

In terms of taste, they are both absolutely delicious (so say our resident dog friends). Also, they are both packed with protein and collagen to keep coats shiny, bones strong, teeth clean, and skin healthy. However, Bully bites and sticks are eaten and enjoyed slightly differently. Bully bites are meant to be chewed up piece by piece, while Bully beef collagen sticks for dogs are a rawhide alternative that is designed to last. You could get one or both, depending on your dog's needs, size, as well as their chewing preferences.

Having Trouble Choosing Just One?

Then don't! Instead, treat your pooch to all the flavours and textures by purchasing our mixed treat packs. Each curated pack features our most loved products that happy dog parents come back for again and again. Whether your dog has an iron bite, a picky palate, or dental health issues, we have a pack for it. If you can't find exactly what you want, speak to our friendly customer service team who are always ready to help. And if your pup can't get enough, why not subscribe to our auto-delivery service? Get tasty, natural dog treats delivered right to your front door, Australia wide.