Whole Deer Antler
Whole Deer Antler
Whole Deer Antler
Whole Deer Antler
Whole Deer Antler
Whole Deer Antler
Whole Deer Antler

Whole Deer Antler


Gotta doggo who's Fawn'd of chewing? Chuck em a Whole Antler! This badass, boredom-busting treat is packed full of calcium and phosphorus, offering dogs the ultimate in long-lasting treats. WAG Whole Antlers are ethically sourced from New Zealand and are a naturally occurring product that is annually shed by wild and farmed deer.

WAG Antlers are suitable for adult doggo's with a strong bite, who love to chew and stay occupied. WAG does not recommend antlers for senior dogs or puppy teeth.

What's in the box?
What's in the box?


100% Hard Deer Antler

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min.) 38.9%

Crude Fat (Min.) 1.2%

Crude Fibre (Max.) 1.8%

Moisture (Max.) 9.9%

Calcium 18.5%

Phosphorous 9.9%

Size and Weight

Antler sizes are classified through weight, not length and width.

Small: 45g – 75g

Medium: 90 – 130g

Large: 140g – 190g

Country of Origin

New Zealand


How to feed, store & more.

Are Whole Deer Antlers Dog-safe?

Whole deer antler treats are absolutely safe for dogs to chew on. Unlike the standard rawhide treats you usually find in pet stores, deer antler dog treats are made out of the real stuff, an entire deer antler, so you know they're getting a nutrition boost with each bite. In fact, deer antlers are a much safer treat than rawhide for dogs, as antlers break off in soft pieces rather than sharp splinters when your pooch's saliva gets to them. Read more about antlers over at our blog, Dog Talk.

Do antlers splinter?

Not necessarily. As a natural consumable, the way dogs consume or break down deer antlers can't always be predicted. A dog’s saliva may break antlers down into smaller pieces, but in general, it's totally normal for some antlers to break down in bigger chunks than others. As with every treat you give your dog, practice responsible dog ownership: maintain supervision and limit treat time to 30 minutes a day. If you’re concerned with any smaller pieces, always remove them from your dog's mouth and surroundings.

Can I give my puppy an antler?

We would not advise giving a puppy an antler. However, this depends on where they are during their teething process. If they're younger than six month, an antler is just too tough at that youthful age to chew for their teeth.

I want to learn more about antlers.

Read more about antlers over at our blog, Dog Talk.

I have more specific questions about antlers!

We're here to help. Chat with us or get in touch via our contact form.

Where Do Our Whole Deer Antlers Come From?

Our deer antlers are sustainably sourced from the temperate wilderness of New Zealand. They are naturally shed by deer and picked up by members of the venison industry. We collect these by-products and repurpose them as a healthy, tough treat that doggos just love.

Choose Healthy Chews

Get WAG whole deer antlers are the perfect dog treat for keeping your canine companion mentally and physically stimulated, entertained, and healthy. These single ingredient treats are made without any additives, artificial flavours or toxic substances, making our durable deer antlers 100% healthy treats for happy chompers. And while you're here, be sure to check out our treat bundles so you can spoil your doggo for choice.

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