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Why Does My Dog's Breath Stink? Uncover the Secrets to Fresher Breath!

Words by: WAG Team

Published on: March 28, 2024
Why Does My Dog's Breath Stink? Uncover the Secrets to Fresher Breath!

Ever wondered why your dog's breath can sometimes smell like they’ve been rummaging through a bin? You’re not alone! Many dog owners face the puzzling reality of their furry friend's persistent bad breath, despite their best efforts to maintain dental hygiene. 

In this month’s blog article, we are having a look into the causes of that notorious doggy breath and uncovering effective remedies that can turn those smelly exhalations into breaths of fresh air. 

The curious case of your dog’s dragon breath

Let's face it, doggo breath isn’t known for smelling super fresh. But before you start avoiding those loving licks, it's essential to understand why your dog’s breath might have the odour potency to clear a room. 

The reasons can vary, from simple dietary choices to more complex health issues. Whatever the case, understanding the root cause is the first step toward freshening up that breath.

Why does my dog’s breath stink? The common culprits of bad breath in dogs

Bad breath, or halitosis, in dogs can be linked to several factors:

  • Poor dental hygiene: Just like humans, dogs can suffer from plaque build-up, tartar, and gum disease, leading to stinky breath.
  • Diet: Sometimes, what your dog eats can directly affect their breath. Certain foods may contribute more to bad breath than others.
  • Health issues: Conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, or liver problems can also manifest through bad breath in dogs.
  • Foreign objects: Dogs are curious creatures, and sometimes they get into things they shouldn’t, which can get stuck in their teeth or gums.
  • Dental health issues: If your dog has a tooth or gum infection, it will manifest as bad breath. This can be serious and impact your dog’s health and wellbeing, so best to hightail it to the vet if you suspect this is the case.
    The common culprits of bad breath in dogs

    The importance of good oral health for your furry friend

    Maintaining your doggo’s oral health is super important, not just to stop bad breath, but to keep them healthy inside and out. If we don't look after their teeth, they could get sick, with problems that could even affect their internal health.

    Regular check-ups at the vet, brushing their teeth, and giving them dental treats that help clean their teeth can make a big difference. This way, your dog stays happy and healthy, with a sparkling smile to show off!

    Improving your dog's oral health at home is not only beneficial for their overall wellbeing but can also be a bonding experience for you both. Here are some effective ways to keep those canine chompers in tip-top shape:

    • Regular brushing: Just like humans, dogs benefit greatly from regular teeth brushing. Use a dog-specific toothbrush and toothpaste (never use human toothpaste, as it can be toxic to dogs) to gently brush their teeth. Aim to do this as often as possible!
    • Dental chews and treats: Offer your dog dental chews and treats designed to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. These treats are made to encourage chewing, which naturally helps clean the teeth. 
    • Healthy diet: Feeding your dog a balanced, nutritious diet can also contribute to good oral health. Certain types of dry dog food are formulated to help reduce plaque and tartar.
    • Chew toys: Arm your furry friend with chew toys that are more than just fun—they’re secret weapons against plaque, massaging gums and boosting saliva for the ultimate clean. Choose the indestructible kind for endless fun and fresher breath.
    • Regular vet check-ups: While at-home care is crucial, it’s also important to have your dog’s teeth checked by a professional at least once a year. A vet can perform a more thorough cleaning if necessary and check for any signs of oral health issues.
    • Training: Getting your dog used to having their mouth handled from a young age can make oral hygiene practices much easier throughout their life. Reward them for good behaviour, and you’ll have a willing partner in dental care.
    • Monitor for dental issues: Keep an eye out for signs of dental problems, such as bad breath, drooling, difficulty eating, or red and swollen gums. If you notice any of these signs, consult your veterinarian.
    • Fresh, clean water: Always ensure your dog has access to fresh, clean water. Drinking plenty of water helps to wash away food particles and bacteria, keeping those teeth in tip-top condition.

    By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you can help ensure your dog keeps flashing that happy, healthy smile for years to come!

    Improving your dog's oral health at home

    Chew on this: WAG dental treats to promote pearly whites

    Let's be real – while our furry friends might not jump for joy at the sight of a toothbrush, the promise of a tasty treat sure gets their tails wagging. But here's the twist – they'll be none the wiser that some of our natural dog treats also pack a punch for dental health. That's right, these treats aren't just irresistible; they're also top dogs in the war against plaque and tartar, helping to keep those pearly whites sparkling. It's a win-win that leaves everyone smiling!

    Here are some of our top picks, and why they are so wonderful:

    Deer Antlers

    WAG's robust Deer Antler treats are a wholesome snack option, helping to minimise plaque and tartar accumulation in your furry friend's mouth through enjoyable chewing moments. We offer both whole and split varieties – split antlers have the inner marrow exposed, making it easier for smaller teeth to gnaw on them. On the other hand, whole antlers are suited for dogs that pack a more powerful bite. Our Deer Antlers are packed with calcium and phosphurus, and are great for boredom busting, keeping your dog occupied! 

    Goat Horns

    Sustainably sourced from Victoria, WAG Goat Horns promote active chewing, effectively helping to remove the daily accumulation of plaque and tartar in dogs. They are like a natural chew toy – fully edible and irresistibly tasty. They boast impressive strength and natural durability, offering a long-lasting chewing experience that's entirely digestible and free from additives or preservatives. They also are a source of keratin-rich protein which help to promote a silky, shiny coat – bonus! 

    Bully Cheek Sticks

    Our Bully Cheek Sticks are odour free, robust chews, which are completely natural and digestible, making them ideal for doggos that love long chew sessions. As a hard chew, they naturally help to scrape off pesky tartar and plaque, resulting in a fresher breath and healthier teeth and gums!

    Bully Cheek Sticks

    WAG dental treats - your doggo’s secret weapon against stinky breath!

    WAG’s natural chews are sourced from the highest quality ingredients, ensuring your dog is getting the best. They’re free from artificial additives or chemicals, making them a safe and healthy option for improving dental health. By choosing WAG, you're not just treating your dog to a delicious snack; you're investing in their health and happiness.

    Our range of doggo dental health dog treats offer your pup the following benefits:

    • Natural plaque scrapers: The action of chewing helps remove plaque from your dog's teeth, reducing the risk of tartar build-up.
    • Rich in nutrients: These chews are not only great for dental health but are also packed with essential nutrients beneficial for your dog’s overall health.
    • Long-lasting entertainment: They keep your dog engaged and satisfied for hours, preventing them from chewing on less desirable objects.

    Tips for introducing new chews to your dog

    Introducing anything new to your dog’s diet or routine should be done gradually. Here are some tips to ensure a positive experience with WAG’s dental dog treats:

    • Monitor: Always supervise your dog when they’re trying a new chew to ensure they’re handling it well.
    • Chews the right size: Our beloved doggos range from petite to large, and what suits a Great Dane might overwhelm a tiny Chihuahua. Fortunately, we provide a variety of sizes of our dental dog treats to accommodate every pup. Remember to consider this when replenishing your supply!
    • Gradual introduction: Start with shorter chewing sessions to get them used to the new texture and taste.
    • Hydration: Ensure your dog has access to fresh water, as chewing can increase their need to drink.

    Bid farewell to stinky breath!

    No need to accept stinky dog breath as just part of being a dog parent. Armed with the right information, a little TLC, and a stash of nature's best dog treats, you can say goodbye to your furry friend's smelly breath!

    WAG's range of natural dental dog treats offer an easy and effective way to boost dental hygiene, making your dog's breath as sweet as their cuddles.

    Discover the natural goodness of WAG's antlers, goat horns, and bully cheek sticks on our website, and enjoy the happiness of fresher breath and cheerful smiles from your furry friend. After all, a healthy dog means joyful moments for both of you – a perfect reason for tail-wagging all around.