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Bones and Horns

Want a dog treat that's full of key nutrients that is real meat, and is sustainably sourced? Then boy oh boy, have we got a bone for you! A couple of bones, in fact. Our WAG dog bones for chewing come in a selection of proteins with various health benefits. We make some of the best dental chews for dogs at any stage of their lives, so take your pick!

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Got a bone to pick?

Our raw animal bones are real, single ingredient treats which are by-products of the livestock industry. This means that they are 100% grain-free and curated for meat-loving doggos. Looking at the way a dog's body and teeth develop, we can see that they are designed to gnaw on bones. Grains, corn, wheat, rice, and soy-based dog treats are full of carbohydrates that need certain chemicals in saliva to be properly broken down - chemicals that are not found in a dog's saliva. And that's why grain-free is best for your pooch.

What’s Best For Your Dog?

The perfect dog bone treat to pick for your pooch will depend on their current life stage, nutritional needs, and taste preferences. For instance, a tough goat horn loaded with keratin protein helps strengthen your pup's coat for a healthier shine. On the other hand, split deer antlers are rich in calcium and phosphorus, and can come in relatively soft options that make for a gentler chew.
So whether your doggo is a fan of the tough stuff, in need of a nutrient kick, prefers dental treats over a trip to the vet, or just can't keep their jaws off your furniture, choose from our great range of single-ingredient dog bone treats today. After all, what's a dog to do without a bone to chew?