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Dehydrated Beef Treats: Everything you need to know

Words by: Samantha Laguyo

Feb 08, 2021

Dehydrated Beef Treats: Everything you need to know

The red meat trade is one of Australia’s largest and most profitable food and agriculture industries, with beef being a homegrown staple to our daily diet. And with the red meat industry continuing to prosper both locally and in the export market, it’s only right that careful measures have been undertaken so that our beef remains at its world-renowned quality and ahead of pack.

The steps that the red meat industry is taking is a wonderful forward-thinking example for a global stage, with Meat and Livestock Australia making efforts to promote how Australia’s red meat products are produced in an ethical and environmentally responsible way. Through measures like these, we can ensure future profitability, sustainability and carbon neutrality – for people, the planet and our pets.

So all of that being said, where does a dog treat company even come into the mix?

As one of the most commonly produced proteins for human consumption, there’s a ton of beef production going on in the world. However, this also means there is often a lot of waste: animal by-products, or the excess ingredients that are usually discarded. Common by-product parts include hooves and bones, or organs like the brain and liver. Now here’s the part where we come into play!

We believe that where food comes from is just as important as where it ends up. That’s why instead of these by-products being discarded for waste, farmers and butchers step in to take over and re-purpose these parts for the pet industry. Through repurposing beef by-products into food and treats, especially when done so in an additive-free way, we’re able to reduce waste and treat both our dogs and the planet right.

Dehydrating single ingredient animal parts means that wholesome vitamins and nutrients, as well as a concentrated taste, are locked in place to target a spectacular array of health needs – as well as getting those doggo taste buds raring to go. The added benefit of dehydration is that through removing moisture, these healthy dog treats are shelf stable and can sit comfortably in the pantry. On the very top shelf in the case of those nosy ones, of course.

Single ingredient, grain-free dehydrated dog treats are a perfect example of one’s trash being another’s treasure. That’s why we wanna spend some time profiling some of our favourite weird and wonderful beef dog treat classics that we know get those tails waggin’.

Moo Tubes

What are Moo Tubes? Are they safe for dogs?

A Moo Tube is a cow’s windpipe. This novel animal part is stretched out and dehydrated, locking in all the nutrients that help power up your doggo during play time.

This natural dog treat is absolutely safe for any dog; large, small and in-between! Moo Tubes can be hard to the touch, but as they are 100% meat, your doggo’s saliva will be able to break down the fibres of this dehydrated meat treat and digest every last morsel. That’s why this treat is a great option for puppies that are teething – or as an occupy treat if you’re in need of a breather during that WFH meeting!

What are the benefits of Moo Tubes?

Whilst Moo Tubes have a long list of benefits to boast from long lasting to promoting dental health, we’d have to say that being great for hips and joints takes the cake. The windpipe is lined with glucosamine; an amino sugar that is commonly used to soothe hips and joints pain for humans, as well as dogs. And due to a Moo Tube’s 100% meaty nature, this means that whilst it is great for puppies like we mentioned above, it is also great for senior dogs with sensitive teeth and sore joints to snack on.

Bully Sticks

What are Bully Sticks?

A bull’s penis. You heard right. Well, more commonly termed beef pizzle. Yes, a little unexpected, but Bully Sticks are a hero in the natural dental chew category. Similar to the windpipe, this by-product animal part is stretched out and dehydrated and remains single ingredient and grain free.

Bully Sticks are usually cut down to a variety of sizes to suit different dog breeds and chewing natures, and can be fashioned in different ways to give texture and bite for your dog’s delight whether it be straight, bite-sized or braided.

What are the benefits of Bully Sticks?

This super treat is popular for good reason, with a long list of benefits to boot – but nothing as long as their long-lasting nature. We all know a doggo who could probably win an award for ‘how quickly one can chow down this treat’ but Bully Sticks definitely give them a run for their money. Lasting minutes, hours or days; they’re the perfect occupy treat to keep their minds enriched during some peace-and-quiet time or for some DIY doggo dental time to encourage chewing and the scraping down of plaque build-up.

Dental and periodontal issues are common amongst adult dogs and chowing down on Bully Sticks is a great way for you to be your doggo’s tooth-y warrior (minus the armour). And a tasty as heck way for your doggo to actually like brushing their teeth.

Beef Tripe

What is Beef Tripe?

Beef Tripe is the stomach lining of a cow that is super rich in nutrients. Beef Tripe is commonly eaten in hundreds of cuisines around the world including Asia, Europe and Africa (gopchang-gui and soju, anyone?) but you still might not always be able to find it at your local supermarket. When it comes to treating though, this super tasty meat remains unbleached and dehydrated to retain all its wholesome benefits, before being bagged for your doggo’s delight.

What are the benefits of Beef Tripe?

Whilst we could give an hour long TED-talk on the health benefits of Beef Tripe dog treats, we’ll try to keep it short and snappy. No matter what age, size or activity level, any dog will benefit from the tasty natural goodness that Beef Tripe offers. First and foremost, Beef Tripe is great for promoting good gut health. Rich in digestive enzymes and probiotics, it helps soothe tummy troubles and supports healthy digestion. It’s also high in omega fatty acids for a strong and healthy coat, is great for soothing allergies, supports your dog’s immune system and wellbeing – the list goes on and on and on.

Have we convinced you of these weird and wonderful beef treats yet? Find your doggo’s perfect fit!


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