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Going green: What does feeding sustainably sourced dog treats mean?

Words by: WAG Team

Published on: February 15, 2021
Going green: What does feeding sustainably sourced dog treats mean?

We’re deep diving into sustainability, why going green is here to stay and where pet food – of all things – fits into that puzzle.

So, what does sustainability even mean?

Right now, the future might look bleak with the global use of finite resources, increasing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. But we don’t believe that’s cause for despair – together, we can use these global environmental challenges as the opportunity to coalesce and create positive solutions.

We’ve seen these positive solutions on large and small scales, from the UN’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’; to universities across Australia taking on the green challenge; to the move away from fast fashion; and even to the use of animal by-products for pet food.

Sustainability is “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.
– United Nations, Brundtland Commission

To ensure that future generations (both two-legged and four-legged) are able to prosper with Mother Nature, this means playing our part with these positive solutions and going green wherever possible.

When taking a microscopic look at ways dog ownership can be sustainable, a large part of this includes our doggo’s diet and having a keen and discerning eye on its journey from paddock to plate.

How can pet treats be sustainable?

At WAG, sustainability is always at the forefront of what we do; from how we source our treats to how we package them.

As you know, WAG treats are single ingredient, grain free meat treats that are tailored to your doggo’s needs and physiology. And as you also may know, the environmental impact of meat production can be a serious strain on our planet.

Despite this, the Australian red meat industry is one of the most profitable and sustainable Aussie agriculture industries – with its efforts and goals being a global example for other countries.

One of these sustainable practices is the ingenious move to join forces with the pet food industry. With tons of meat being produced daily, this often can lead to waste, or by-products – otherwise known as the meat that isn’t used for human consumption.

These by-products are then taken on by butchers and dehydrated to be repurposed as natural dog treats, sold as-is for raw feeders looking for bone and organ parts, or crushed down for meal toppers to sprinkle on top of food.

Where our doggo’s food comes from is just as important as where it ends up. Supporting brands committed to sustainability means also committing to ways to help out our Aussie farmers and butchers, as well as our Aussie outback.

So, what else can I do to go green?

As modern pet parents, we’ve had our fair share of google searches and frenzied scanning of ingredients panels. And just like we’re mindful of giving our doggo’s the best quality diet that doesn’t compromise the environment, we can apply this thinking to other aspects of our doggo’s lifestyle.

After all, people, the planet and pets go hand-in-hand-in-paw.

Some easy ways to go green for our pets include:

  • Choosing brands that package using soft recyclable plastics (look out for the RedCycle logo on the back of pack)
  • Choosing brands that offset their carbon emissions through organisations like Greenfleet
  • Using compostable poop bags
  • Using eco-friendly stain removers
  • Use environmentally-friendly grooming products made from natural, sustainable ingredients.

Small changes like these will have a big impact, now and for years to come. Going green is here to stay – so, are you gonna join us?