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Help! How Do I Stop My Dog From Barking When I Leave Home?

Words by: WAG Team

Published on: June 10, 2024
Help! How Do I Stop My Dog From Barking When I Leave Home?

We've all been there – leaving the house only to hear the persistent barking of our beloved furry friend echoing as we walk away. It’s a total heartbreaker, super frustrating, and might even get your neighbours giving you the side-eye.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to keep your canine calm and content while you're out and about. Let’s dive into some practical, effective strategies to reduce or eliminate your dog's barking when left alone.

Understanding the cause of the barking

Understanding why your dog barks when you leave is crucial. Common reasons include:

  • Separation anxiety: Dogs are social animals and can become anxious when separated from their owners.
  • Boredom: Without enough mental and physical stimulation, dogs can become bored and start barking to pass the time.
  • Fear: Unfamiliar sounds or sights can trigger barking as a protective response.

Knowing the root cause can help you tailor your approach to managing the behaviour. You could set up a doggy camera to check out your dog’s behaviour while you are gone, to help you sleuth out the root cause of the barking.

Pawfectly planned days: establishing a routine

Dogs absolutely love a good routine! Keeping a consistent daily schedule can make your pup feel safe and sound. Try to feed, walk, play, and have alone time at the same times each day. When your dog knows what's coming next, they'll be way less likely to stress out when you head out the door.

Establishing a routine with your pup to feel safe and sound

Exercise and mental stimulation is key!

A pooped pup is a happy pup! Keeping your dog physically active is key to squashing anxiety and endless barking. Shoot for at least 30 minutes of exercise every day—think walks, runs, visits to the park, or epic playtime in the yard.

Create a fun scavenger hunt

Turn your departure into a fun scavenger hunt by hiding small treats around the house or yard! WAG’s natural dog treats are perfect for this – they’re tasty, healthy, and will keep your pup entertained for hours. Scatter a few treats in different spots before you leave, and watch your dog turn into a happy, treat-hunting detective! Our Kangaroo Cubes and Bully Bites are perfect for this!

Keep them engaged with a long-lasting treat

Keep the barking at bay by giving your doggo something to sink their teeth into! Our Bully Sticks and Collagen Sticks are ideal to keep your dog busy. Who has time to bark when there’s delicious chewing to do?

Keep pup engaged with a long-lasting treat

Creating a safe space

Create a snuggly, secure hangout for your pup to enjoy while you’re away. Dogs often have their favourite chill spots—whether it's the couch, your bed (if they’re allowed!), or a comfy crate. Turn their chosen place into a cosy kingdom with a plush bed, fun toys, and fresh water. Your furry friend will feel right at home in their own little paradise!

Gradual desensitisation

Help your pup get comfy with solo time by gradually extending your time away. Start with quick trips out and slowly make them longer as your dog gets used to it. Reward their calmness with a tasty treat, showing them that alone time can be pawsitively awesome! It's easier to start this training from puppyhood, but no worries—older dogs can learn too; they might just need a bit more patience and lots of love.

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool in training your dog. Whenever your dog stays calm and quiet, reward them with a treat. This encourages them to keep up the good behaviour. WAG’s natural dog treats are perfect for the job—they're delicious and made with high-quality, natural ingredients, keeping your dog healthy while they learn new habits.

Positive reinforcement training to your dog

Interactive toys and treats

Keep your dog occupied with interactive toys and treats. These can provide hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. Toys that dispense treats, like Kong toys filled with peanut butter for hours of engagement. For a delicious treat option, a stuffed Goat Horn (check out our blog on how to stuff a Goat Horn!) can be especially engaging.

Keep your dog occupied with interactive toys and treats

Sound therapy

Chill tunes or white noise can work wonders to calm an anxious pup. Check out doggie playlists or ‘dog TV’ on your favourite streaming platforms, or just leave the radio or TV on low to create a relaxing vibe. Your dog will be feeling zen in no time!

Call in the pros

If your pup's barking still won’t quit despite your best tricks, it might be time to call in the pros. A vet, dog trainer, or behaviourist can offer extra tips and tailored support to help your furry friend find their chill.

Treat time!

When it’s time to reward your pup for good behaviour, WAG’s natural dog treats are the way to go! Packed with high-quality, natural ingredients, these treats are not only super tasty but also healthy, giving your dog the very best. Use them during training, as part of fun games, or just as a special treat to show some love. 

Why our treats are so special

  • Natural ingredients: Free from artificial additives, ensuring a healthy treat for your dog.
  • Delicious flavours: Available in a variety of treat types and flavours, your doggo is spoilt for choice!
  • Perfect for training: We have some great training treat options which are bite-sized and easy to handle, making them ideal for rewarding good behaviour.

Make excessive barking a thing of the past

Dealing with a dog that barks like crazy when left alone can be tough, but with some patience and the right tricks, you can help your furry friend chill out. Understand the cause, set up a fun routine, give them lots of exercise and brain games, and use positive reinforcement. You'll create a happier vibe for both you and your pup. 

WAG’s natural dog treats can be your secret weapon, making training fun and rewarding for your canine buddy. Browse our full range online now, or hit up your local major pet retailer to stock up!