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How To Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean - All Things Doggo Dental Care

Words by: The Get WAG Team

Jan 13, 2022

Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

You brush your teeth every day (hopefully twice a day), but have you ever thought about your furry companion? Your dog's dental health is just as important to have under control. 

Your dog needs to have healthy gums and teeth, just like you do. Bad oral health can lead your dog to have bad breath, plaque build-up and gum disease. Keep reading on to find out how you can help your furry friend with their dental hygiene.

What is plaque and tartar?

After every meal, a thin film known as plaque forms on your dog’s teeth. If not removed and mixed with their saliva over time, it can harden into tarter, which is more difficult to remove without veterinary treatment. 

Gum and teeth diseases can lead to many vet visits and big bills. The good news is, there are simple steps you can take to avoid this altogether. There are even options out there to keep your dog’s teeth clean without brushing.

Dog Chews

Ways to keep your dog's teeth healthy and clean

1. Choose healthy dog food and dog treats

Incorporating healthy food and treats into your dog’s diet will help contribute to good dental health. Always opt for foods with little additives and sugars, and include proteins and veggies to promote strong healthy bones and teeth. 

WAG Kangaroo Knuckle Bones are a great treat for any dog. They are chewy and crispy, and the perfect way to treat your doggo all whilst cleaning their teeth at the same time. This treat is made from 100% kangaroo knuckles, which means it is good for all dogs, including those who may have chicken/grain allergies. 

healthy dog food and dog treats

Another great way to prevent plaque build up is to opt for a veterinary-approved dental biscuit for adult dogs as part of their meal. These biscuits help scrape off plaque from your dog’s teeth whilst filling their bellies at the same time. 

If your dog prefers to eat softer foods for every meal, make sure to incorporate chew treats, such as dental sticks to aid with the prevention of plaque build up. 

2. Utilise healthy chew dog treats

Chew treats are the perfect way to promote dental hygiene in your dog and keep them happy. They are a fantastic way to keep your dog’s teeth clean without brushing.

WAG’s bully sticks and bully rings are packed with protein and give your dog hours of chomping joy, all while helping to remove plaque build up on their teeth. Our Hard Liver Dental Sticks for dogs will also help conquer your doggo's plaque, while also being packed full of Vitamin A and fatty acids!

 bully rings

WAG’s Goat Horns serve as the ultimate chew toy — removing up to 70% of tartar build up if chewed regularly by your dog.

Goat horns

If your dog is only a pup, their teeth require special care, so opt for dental sticks that are made specially for your puppy’s tiny teeth. These dental sticks are great for puppies who may be in discomfort from teething.

3. Raw bones

As all pet owners know, dogs adore raw bones. They are great at naturally cleaning your dog’s teeth and providing them with hours of crunching. Bones promote great gum and oral health. 

Larger bones are great for big dogs, but use caution! Never give your furry companion cooked bones. And be careful when giving your tiny companions big bones, instead, try knuckle bones! If your dog is not interested in bones, use dental and bully sticks instead. 

Raw Bones

4. Use doggo-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste

Although there are many strategies to keep your dog’s teeth clean without brushing, a good thorough manual brush every few weeks does wonders at removing more stubborn plaque and tartar build up. 

Doggo toothbrushes in a range of shapes and sizes are available at most pet stores and veterinary clinics. Most dog toothbrushes have longer handles, to allow for better access to back teeth. These work well when paired with dog-safe toothpaste to help get rid of all nasty bacteria that may be hiding in your dog’s mouth. 

If your dog is not super keen on the toothbrush, try a finger brush. These are soft-bristled finger toothbrushes that will give you more control over the pressure you apply when brushing your dog’s teeth. 

If you are still finding it tricky, try dental wipes. Simply pop one over your finger and rub their teeth in slow, gentle circles. This will help get rid of the plaque and tartar build-up while being gentle on your dog’s gums. 

At first, it may be a little chaotic, as you can imagine your dog will not be a huge fan of having a foreign object in their mouth. But stick to it! Brush their teeth at the end of the day or after a long tiring walk. Give your dog plenty of doggie treats (if they are WAG’s Kangaroo Fillets, even better!) after each brush to make it a positive experience. 

doggie treats

5. Take your dog to get regular dental checkups

We go to the dentist if we ever have cavities or pains, so why shouldn’t we give our dogs the same treatment? By finding a great vet, we can make the trip more pleasant for our dogs. They will be able to monitor your doggo’s dental health more closely and give you pointers to ensure you are applying the best dental health practices for your dog at home.

Remember, little dogs generally suffer from more dental and gum diseases. This means that you might have to take extra care if your furry companion is a smaller breed. Keep an eye out for any changes in your dog’s teeth and gums so you can tell your vet every detail. 

Pink gums = healthy teeth. If your dog’s gums are going dark or even black, make sure your vet is aware so they can advise you on the correct approach. Regular vet appointments can also allow for the vet to keep an eye out for your dog’s overall health too!

So fresh, so clean

Good dental practices will help prevent that dreaded bad doggy breath, which isn't all too pleasant when your furry friend decides to give you morning kisses. 

health friendly treats

As dog owners, being active in your dog’s dental health is imperative to maintaining their overall health. It is also a great way to bond with your dog and spend some extra time with them. Most importantly, good dental health will allow your dog to be happier and feel more comfortable overall. Shop our full range of dental health friendly treats here.



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