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Beat the Heat! Keeping Your Doggo Cool This Summer

Words by: WAG Team

Published on: February 17, 2022
Beat the Heat! Keeping Your Doggo Cool This Summer

Australian summers can get insanely hot. As people, we deal with hot days by laying out at the pool and cranking the AC. We should remember that our furry friends also feel the heat just as much as we do, if not more, due to the fact a doggo’s temperature normally runs a couple of degrees warmer than us people. 

A dog's body temperature is meant to sit between 38.3 and 39.2 degrees celsius. Any warmer than that, they might experience heatstroke. The easiest way to check their temperature is to make sure that their nose is wet and cool. A wet nose equals a cool and hydrated doggo. Read on to learn about some simple strategies to keep your dog comfortable and cool this summer.

Say hello To H2O

A dog will instinctually keep themselves cool by drinking water, which is why it is imperative that your doggo has access to a full water bowl at all times of the day and night. So make sure to keep that water bowl topped up!

A great way to make drinking water fun is to add ice cubes to the bowl. Ice cubes are a fun way that your dog can play and keep cool at the same time. 

If you plan on taking a trip outside with your doggo on a hot summer's day, bring along a thermos with fresh cool water and a portable water bowl. Water should be given to your furry friend every 10 to 15 minutes at least on hot days. 

Keep cool while cruisin’

If you plan on taking your dog out somewhere in your car, do the right thing. A hot car can be the worst enemy for your dog, and you should never leave your dog locked in the car alone under any circumstance. 

While driving, keep your air conditioning on, and provide an ice pack wrapped in a towel next to your dog for particularly long car trips. Make sure to stop for toilet and water breaks frequently. 

Ice ice baby

A fun way to keep your furry friend cool this summer is to make them frozen doggie treats. Try something as simple as frozen watermelon chunks. You can even up your game by blending up some blueberries, watermelon and apples into a smoothie and freezing that in ice cube trays. That way your doggo is getting their Vitamin C too.

Any fruit or vegetable that your doggo loves, can be frozen or cooled in the fridge. Even some refrigerated peanut butter on a spoon can be a fun treat!

Healthy dog treats that your doggo can sit and chew on, such as WAG Bully Sticks, are fantastic for distracting your dog from the heat. Another great idea is to put some of WAG's Chicken Jerky in the fridge or freezer. That way your doggo can enjoy their favourite treat, but cooler!

Splish splash!

For all of your water-loving fur babies, try treating them to a paddling pool. You can find children’s paddling pools at your local department store. Fill it up according to your dog's size, and make sure it is shallow. Also, make sure the water you fill it with is nice and cool.

Your doggo will love splashing around, getting their fur wet, or just simply laying in a cool bath of water. Keep the paddling pool out of direct sunlight, and ideally in a shaded area, as we don’t want your precious pooch getting sunburnt. 

Don’t have a paddling pool? No problem! If you have sprinklers, turn them on for a bit and let your dog run around and get soaked - what a fun way to pass the warm days!

Say no to scorching sidewalks - avoid exercise on hot days

The summer months are long. During those months you can't just sit at home with your doggo - they need their exercise and playtime! However, be cautious with your timing and avoid the midday heat at all costs. 

Remember that Australia has incredibly hot days, and the hot pavement can hurt your doggos delicate paws. Instead, try walking your furry friend in the early morning or late afternoon. The early morning is the best time, the air will provide a nice breeze and the pavement won't be too hot as the sun hasn't been out during the night. Pick shady spots to walk your pooch, like a park with lots of trees. That way you can give yourself and your dog a well-deserved break in the shade.

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Hit the dog beach

Your local dog beach is a must visit location this summer. Especially if your doggo loves having a swim (or paddle) in the ocean. The dog beach is a fantastic place for dogs to exercise, socialise and cool off. Just make sure you attend the beach on the cooler times of the day, and don’t sit out in direct sunlight for too long. 

A cool place catch those Z’s

When it comes to keeping your dog cool inside the house, make sure there is a cool place for your dog to rest. Whether that be under an air-conditioning unit, or inside a kennel. The use of cooling mats will also help your doggo more comfortable on ultra-hot days, so place them where your doggo rests the most. If you don't have a cooling mat, a soft ice pack wrapped in a towel will do the same job.

Watch out for stress and anxiety

A side effect of overheating for dogs is increased stress and anxiety, which is why it is so important to keep your dog cool in summer. Make sure to check in on your furry friend throughout the day if possible. If your dog is showing signs of stress, first cool them down with cold compresses, a cool bath and make sure they get plenty of fresh water. 

If you notice that your dog's nose is repeatedly getting dry and they're not hydrating properly, make sure to call your vet. They can get to the bottom of it, and provide you with the information you need for your dog to stay healthy and hydrated through the summer months.

watch out dog stress and anxiety

Stay cool and have fun

Summer is a fantastic time for outdoor activities with your furry friend. Whether it be hitting the dog beach or splashing around in the backyard, stay hydrated, stay sun smart and keep cool! (Psst - a wise doggo told us that our limited edition beef fill bones with a peanut butter center are the ultimate summer treat. So go on - pop it in your cart. Your doggo will love you for it).