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A Guide to the Best Gifts for Your Doggo This Christmas in 2022!

Words by: WAG Team

Published on: December 07, 2022
A Guide to the Best Gifts for Your Doggo This Christmas in 2022!

It's that time of year again! The festive season is fast approaching, and you've probably started thinking about Christmas shopping for gifts for the whole family.

Your loyal furry friend is not to be forgotten! We've pulled together some inspiration to help all dog lovers find the perfect dog Christmas presents for your little Fido or Fifi this Christmas.



A dog can never have too many toys. Chew toys are a great gift for puppies or the dogs that have a tendency towards destruction. Tennis balls are a simple but welcome gift for doggos that love playing fetch.

Interactive dog toys such as a Kong, snuffle feeding mat or puzzle feeder are the perfect present for dogs that spend long periods of time at home or often seek mental stimulation. They’re especially great for dogs that are strongly motivated by food, and maybe need to slow down at mealtimes! 

If you want to get really fancy, you can get automatic ball launchers that your dog can learn to load themselves, so they can play fetch even when you're not free to play.

Comfort presents

Comfort presents

As humans, we love gifting (and being gifted) presents that encourage ultimate comfort. Apply this to your Christmas shopping for your dog - think new bed, or cosy new blanket. 

If your pup is crate trained, or you plan on crate training, think of comfort items like cuddly toys or new bedding that you can add into their crate.


If your dog is the sort that loves getting dressed up, Christmas is the perfect excuse to add some more clothes to their wardrobe. You can get Christmas themed get-ups such as Christmas pyjamas, reindeer ears or Santa outfits, or get generic clothes they can wear throughout the year. Yes, we’re talking doggy hats, socks, t-shirts and turtleneck jumpers! 

Personalised gifts

There's something irresistible about personalised gifts at Christmas time, and there's no reason at all that your dog Christmas presents can't be personalised specially for your little pal. Upgrade your pooches food bowl with a new one complete with their name on the side. Perhaps it's time for a new personalised collar, or a new lead with their name on it. Personalised presents are adorable, especially if they have a set to match with their pet (or human) siblings.

Personlised gifts

A day out

Many dogs love new experiences. Consider gifting your best friend a day out with you and the family. Think dog park, a run or swim at the beach, and a puppuccino to finish. If you and the family are hitting the road this Christmas with your pup tagging along, there's plenty of ways you can spoil them for Christmas without having to add more things to your luggage.

Dogs day out

Christmas at WAG

Let's face it: the way to a dog's heart is through their stomach. Some of the best Christmas gifts you can buy your dog are the edible kind.

Here at WAG, we love Christmas. We've created a Christmas range full of goodies that will make the perfect gift for your furry friend to open on Christmas morning. Our dog treats are all natural without any grains or nasties, so you know your pooch is enjoying the very best.

Collagen Christmas Candy Cane

A candy cane that's actually good for your dog, our Collagen Christmas Candy Canes are a real crowd pleaser. Your fur baby can sample the tasty flavour while enjoying all the benefits for their teeth and their shiny coat.

Reindeer Hooves

Reindeer Hooves as a rewarding long-lasting dog treat that'll keep your dog entertained for a while! The perfect present to promote good dental health and full of B vitamins, Reindeer Hooves are a nourishing treat for your fluffy best friend.

Taste Tester Pack

Think Christmas hamper, but for your pooch. Our Taste Tester Packs offer a selection of delectable treats for your furry friend to try. You could offer one treat a day in the manner of an advent calendar, or wait for them to select their first choice from beneath the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

Subscribe & Save

The gift that keeps on giving, our Subscribe and Save option will keep your doggo's tail wagging all year round. Simply choose your subscription frequency, select your dogs favourite treats, and enjoy 15% off!

holiday spirit

Get into the holiday spirit!

Christmas is a wonderful time for dog parents to thank their dog for all the unconditional love they shower the family with throughout the year. These are just a few fantastic ideas for Christmas presents for dogs, so you can spoil your furry friend this Christmas!

There's something for every dog in our range of healthy dog treats, from energetic new puppies to mature dogs enjoying their senior years, and every pooch in between. Check out our range of natural dog treats and spoil your furry friend this Christmas!