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The Magic of Zoomies! Why Do Dogs Do Zoomies?

Words by: WAG Team

Published on: August 16, 2023
The Magic of Zoomies! Why Do Dogs Do Zoomies?

Ah, the infamous zoomies! If you are a dog owner, chances are that you have witnessed this epic phenomenon first hand. It's when your furry friend decides to go full speed ahead, zipping around the house or backyard like a rocket on a mission. 

Zoomies can strike right after bathtime, or come out of the blue when you least expect it. It's like they have tapped into a secret well of boundless energy. 

So, why do dogs do zoomies? It's a question which has puzzled many pet parents, leaving us scratching our heads while our pups zoom away with glee. So, should we encourage this madness, or steer our four legged speed demons in a different direction?

Let's explore a little more what dog zoomies are, and what they really mean.

what dog zoomies are

What are the zoomies?

While some pet parents may think their furry friend is just being a bit silly, dog zoomies are so well known there's an actual technical term for it.

The technical term for 'zoomies' is 'Frenetic Random Activity Periods' (aka FRAPs).They are characterised by a sudden burst of frantic energy, where a doggo will suddenly start running, often around in large circles, usually with their backend tucked. During this sudden burst of energy, your pup's eyes may look a little 'crazy', and the tongue may be lolling. Some dogs even appear to be smiling!

You may notice your dog offering you or another dog the play bow during a bout of the zoomies, and this is generally an invitation to you or the other dog to join in on the fun.

Why do dogs do them?

Many dog parents wonder if this sudden burst of energy is a sign of a happy dog. Because they sure seem happy while they frantically zip around the place!

In short, the answer is yes, they are a sign of a happy dog. Essentially, it is a way of expressing their excitement and happiness, and is also a very effective (and fun) way of releasing pent-up energy.

Zoomie triggers

You may start to notice a pattern for what triggers fire up the zoomies for your doggo. Some of these include:

  • Bath time. Post-bath zooms are very common. Why do dogs get zoomies after the bath? Probably to show they're relieved it's over!
  • Seeing their favourite person or dog
  • Being let off lead or outside after a long period of inactivity
  • During active playtime
  • Certain times of day. Some dogs will get them first thing in the morning, or in the evening if they've had a day with minimal activity
  • Releasing nervous energy after something stressful like a vet visit
  • Or sometimes there's no trigger at all - there's just the sudden frantic need to let out some excess energy!

The role of breed and age

Dog's of all breeds and ages can have the zoomies, but it is more common in younger dogs compared to older dogs. Puppies have more energy to burn - but that doesn't mean a senior dog won't catch the zoomie-bug from time to time!

Young pups may have random bursts of energy more frequently, and they may tire quicker, too.

Zoomies know no bounds when it comes to our canine companions - all dog breeds can get them. Personality also plays a part - some dogs are more likely to outwardly show their excitement, while others are more likely to keep it on the down-low. 

The role of breed and age

Safe zoomies

While it can be fun to sit back and witness this hilarious sudden burst of energy, it's important that pet parents ensure their doggos are safe while they're taking part.

Ensure the environment is safe, such as away from roads and cars, and not somewhere they can hurt themselves.

If your dog is running around inside, such as in the living room, make sure there aren't any hazards in the way. Shifting the coffee table is a good idea if your pooch loses some of their control during their sprint laps.

If your doggo has joint problems, try to encourage them away from couches and other obstacles they may try to jump onto during their excitement. If you have any concerns about your dog hurting themselves, try to encourage them into the backyard or another safe place.

Redirecting energy

While the zoomies are perfectly normal canine behaviour, if you notice your dog is getting them constantly, it may be a sign they need more mental stimulation and physical activity in their day.

Try providing them with more enrichment opportunities, such as puzzle toys or extra training sessions. Long lasting dog treats such as WAG Braided Bully Sticks will keep your pup entertained for longer periods of time, all while supporting their emotional wellbeing.

Ensure physical exercise is a part of your dog's life every day, whether it's a quick walk round the block, or a trip to the dog park to run around off lead and socialise.

The zoomies are normal and there's no need to try to stop your dog from taking part - but if they become more constant, it may be time to redirect your pooch to burn off some of their excess energy in other ways.

natural dog treats

Natural dog treats for pooch happiness

A dog that zooms around is a happy and content dog. If you want to support the emotional wellbeing of your dog, natural dog treats are a great way of doing this. You can reward them for good behaviour, or offer them treats in a snuffle mat or similar as an enrichment activity.

Here at WAG we have a wide range of natural dog treats, including long lasting dog treats, which are perfect for supporting the happiness and health of your pooch. Our range can be found online, or shop a selection of the WAG range in Coles, Woolworths and all major pet specialty stores.

Natural dog treats for pooch happiness

Embrace the zoomies!

Zoomies are pure magic to witness, and are always absolutely hilarious. Embrace your doggo’s total joy and excitement when they gotta let loose and release all that built up energy.

You know the drill, keep your pup safe and give them plenty of fun stuff to do throughout the day to keep them happy. Oh, and make sure you have got plenty of delicious natural dog treats on standby for those well deserved rewards!

So kick back, relax and enjoy the show as your furry friend goes zooming around like a maniac!