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Did Someone Say Kangaroo Treats? It'd Be Roo'd Not To!

Words by: WAG Team

Published on: August 24, 2022
Did Someone Say Kangaroo Treats? It'd Be Roo'd Not To!

Kangaroo is a sustainable and high-protein option for your dog’s diet, which is packed full of nutrients. You can opt for fresh kangaroo meat or kangaroo-based dog food and treats when incorporating kangaroo into your dog’s diet. So, is kangaroo meat good for dogs? Let's talk about it!


Kangaroo might be one of the most sustainable and ethical meat products. Kangaroos are native to Australia, and rely on indigenous scrub instead of mass-produced feed such as grain. They also do not require any especially looked after land, making the use of water less than any other animal, such as a cow, who needs a constant supply of grass and water. 

Kangaroo meat is always a free-range option, meaning the animals live out in vast spaces, usually in the wild, and are not kept in cages or indoor spaces. Why is free-range important? It means that the ecosystem is allowed to continue naturally, and the kangaroos eat the weeds in fields, which means that farmers have to use fewer pesticides, minimizing the chemical harm done to the environment and any other animals cohabiting in the fields.

Benefits of Roo Meat

Benefits of Roo Meat

Chemical free

Since kangaroos are caught in the wild, you can be sure they are free of any chemicals that may appear in some meat products. They are not treated with any antibiotics or hormones. In the meat industry, antibiotics and hormones are commonly used to help the farm animals with growth or health issues. Since the kangaroos are not under the care of any medical professionals before being farmed, they don't undergo any chemical aid. 

Note: Here at Get WAG, we are committed to only sourcing the highest quality meat from local Australian farmers and butchers. 


Roo meat is known to be super fragrant and tasty which is why it is a favourite for many dogs. If you opt for kangaroo meat make sure it is cooked with no additional spices and kept plain. Try mixing the meat with some cooked pumpkin or sweet potato to balance out the meal - it's sure to be a hit with your furry friend!

Low fat

Kangaroo meat only has 2% fat. It is the leanest red meat on the market, making packed full of protein, and easily digested. 


Roo meat is protein-dense, making it a fantastic addition to your doggo’s diet. Protein is key for tissue growth, development and repair. 

Kangaroo is also a good option for dogs who have allergies to other meats such as beef or chicken. 

Vitamins and minerals

B vitamins, especially Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 are present in high quantities in kangaroo meat. B vitamins work to convert carbohydrates into glucose, which helps create necessary energy for your dog’s day-to-day life. 

Kangaroo also provides a high level of iron and zinc. Iron is key in transporting oxygen in red blood cells throughout the body, which is key for proper organ functioning. Zinc is important for your canine companion’s' immune system and thyroid function.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

Kangaroo meat is high in CLA. It is tasked with many duties of the body, one of which is regulating blood sugar. It also works to improve the immune and inflammatory systems. CLA is key to helping retain healthy bones and lean muscle mass.

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are not typically found in high levels in animals who are farmed with medicines or hormones in their systems, making kangaroo different. Kangaroo is naturally rich in Omega 3 - which is key for healthy skin, coat and brain function.

Let's talk treats

Now that we have discussed all of the reasons you incorporate kangaroo meat into your dog’s diet, let's give you some examples of our delicious roo-based treats which your canine companion is bound to love!

Kangaroo Ribs

These are managable-sized bites of delight. Kangaroo Ribs are the perfect combination of bones and meat that any canine companion will enjoy for hours at a time. Due to the crunchy texture of bone and chewy meat parts, this treat is sure to keep your doggos teeth lovely and clean while keeping their gums healthy. If you want to learn more about dental health, have a read of our previous blog here.

Kangaroo King Tail

Our Kangaroo King Tail is the perfect long-lasting treat for dogs of all sizes. Whether they will be chewing all day or getting a little bit at a time, this marrow-packed treat will surely be a favourite. Bone marrow is also incredibly high in protein and vitamin B12. 

Kangaroo Jerky

With nothing added, this is the perfect, pure treat. Our kangaroo jerky is made from pure kangaroo meat which is air-dried. As with any of our kangaroo treats, it is 100% free-range so you know you are getting the best quality meat. 

Kangaroo King Tail

The bigger the doggo, the bigger the bone! Treat your furry friend to a Kangaroo King Tail. These bones are great teeth cleaners and jaw strengtheners. Your dog is going to love the thin covering of dehydrated meat over a large crunchy bone  so satisfying!

Kangaroo Rib Rack

Is your doggo a keen cruncher? Try our Kangaroo Rib Racks. These treats are also packed with bone marrow, creating a super healthy and fun treat. Be prepared to hear a lot of happy crunching going on through the day as your doggo chomps down on these ribs. 

So, is roo the way to go?

Yes! Kangaroo meat is a extremely healthy choice for your pup, packed with protein and vitamins — which your doggo is bound to love. Balance their diet with fruit, veg and fibre, and you might just find the perfect, tail-wagging combination. Browse our range of kangaroo treats online now!