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Coffee Wood Chews: A new chew toy in doggotown

Words by: Noopur

Sep 06, 2021

Coffee Wood Chews

The house of WAG has dropped a new chew toy in stores this week, and we hope you and your furry friends are excited to hear what our Coffee Wood Chews are all about! Boredom-busting and long-lasting, these Chews are straight outta your doggo's dreams.

Now you must be wondering...when there are plenty of sticks and branches lying freely outside, why should you care about a wood chew toy?

There are some good reasons why you should keep your dog away from that stray stick it picked up on a walk. Chewing is a natural tendency for dogs to relieve stress, teething pain or insatiable chewing habits. Unlike stray wooden sticks that are likely to splinter, carry bacteria and cause dental damage, our Coffee Wood Chews act as a safe alternative for your dog to gnaw on and on and on.

Why are the chews safer? 

The chews are air dried gently which toughens them up nice and strong, making them suitable for the most over-eager doggos! However, your dog’s saliva is capable of breaking the chew down into soft, small digestible chunks eventually, preventing the risk of dental damage (so if you notice the chew breaking down, do not be alarmed!).  Although make sure to take away any small pieces if you are concerned, as you would with any other chew toy or treat.  

There's a lot of goodness in our Coffee Wood Chews

Protects dental health 

These wood chew toys help to keep your dog's teeth in tip-top condition by scraping away plaque and tartar, keeping periodontal disease at bay - so that your doggo is always ready to flash those pearly whites.

Ideal for indoors

Made from 100% natural hardwood, our Coffee Wood Chews are vegan and a great odourless alternative to other meat-based treats. This means an open door for your doggo to bring the chew toy from the yard into the bedroom. Big woof!

100% Natural and Digestible 

Free of nasties and made with natural wood, our Coffee Wood Chews soften upon chewing and break down into safe and digestible chips. This favours dogs with strong chewing urges whilst keeping their tummy totally safe.

Who are these chews meant for?

Right from a teething pupper to a senior, our Coffee Wood Chews are good for dogs across all ages and sizes. That's why the Chews come in four different sizes so that there's always a perfect one suited for your doggo.

How is Coffee Wood sourced?

We let nothing go to waste by using by-products – a widely recognised and important contributor to sustainability. Playing our part with these positive solutions helps ensure that future generations (both two-legged and four-legged) are able to prosper with Mother Nature.

Coffee wood is a natural by-product from the harvesting of coffee beans. This means that during harvesting, no tree is cut down or uprooted for the sole purpose of making these 100% natural dental chews. That also means you’ll be keeping both the environment and your dog happy!

Hear it straight from the Doggo's 

A few of our four-legged buddies gave the Coffee Wood Chews a go and here's the verdict:

"Wow, what an amazing product you guys have come up with. I’m loving it already! Dusty is a huge stick eater so this product is perfect to reduce all the risks with splintering and injury." 


"Archie is chomping away on his as we speak, under my desk! He loves them because they are tasty, and smell delicious. #dogmum loves them because they don’t leave a complete mess around the house in every place he takes his Coffee Wood Chew! WE ARE BIG FANS."

- @_archiegold

Interested in adding more veggie alternatives into your dog's diet?



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