All our chews have a wide variety of benefits including

Why Treat with Dog Chews?

And why are they healthy treats for your dog?

Dogs are meat-eaters (and -lovers). We know this from the sharp point of their teeth, their digestive system, and their voracious appetites. It only makes sense to treat them with what they need and love.

At WAG, we use the best meat sourced from the finest butchers. And what does ‘best meat’ mean? It means looking for free-range, pasture-fed and humanely raised on fully traceable, sustainably managed farms, whether it be Australian or from overseas.

(Naturally, our Dental Sticks are not single ingredient, but they are single protein with limited ingredients to keep your doggo's teeth pearly white. And, as a disclaimer, our least-non-meat-treat is our bestselling Yoghurt Drops, human-grade and an ideal for training – not meat, but definitely good as an occasional sweet treat!)

With WAG chews, you can:

KEEP THEM HEALTHY – Add extra nutrition and healthy supplements to your dog’s diet
TRAIN YOUR DOG – Be used as part of training and as a positive reward for good behaviour
REWARD YOUR DOG FOR GOOD BEHAVIOUR – Long-lasting chew treats can help relieve boredom and reduce destructive behaviour
KEEP TEETH CLEAN AND SHINY – Dental treats promote healthy teeth and provide oral care

Or, use dog chews to reward your dog for just being your dog!

Treating Tips

🐶   Make sure to read the feeding guidelines on the packaging.

🦷  Doggo after a chewing challenge? Try a Bully Stick.
If they're a lazy-bones kinda chewer, try an Ear.

🐟  Doggo a lil fussy? Give a Fish treat a try - we can guarantee there's nothin' fishy about them!

➡️  If you're doggo is bearing down hard on a Chew, take it away and treat again at a later time.

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“Perfect treat for
my perfect girl!” 🐶

Maze loves her Braided Bully Sticks, they are a perfect little distraction for her in the afternoons!

- Jessica and her Beagle, Maze