Why Deer Antler?

And why are they a healthy treat for your dog?

Sustainable and Renewable Source
Sustainably harvested, Antlers come straight from the temperate wilderness of New Zealand. Antlers are naturally shed in the wild by deer in winter and grow back the following spring, making them a great renewable treat.

Long-Lasting Natural Dental Treat
Regular chewing on this hypoallergenic treat for 30 minutes a day can help reduce tartar buildup on your doggo's chompers by up to 70%.

Full of All the Good Stuff
This unconventional yet tough chew can redirect any dog's destructive tendencies and anxiety. But on top of that, it is chock-a-block with Calcium and Phosphorous, giving your dog the vitals for healthy bones and teeth.

Split or whole, antler will keep your doggo chewing for longer

Treating Tips

🐶 Make sure your doggo is 6 months+ for this treat!

🥣 Soak your Antler in beef or chicken stock for a tastier time.

🦷 Doggo after a chewing challenge? Try a Whole Antler.
If they're fussy and want the tasty stuff asap, try a Split.

➡️ If you're doggo is bearing down hard, take it away and treat again at a later time.

⚠️ Make sure to always supervise your doggo's chewing time.

🐕 Always be sure to take the Antler away once it gets to a small size.

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“When we came across WAG's antlers, we could never go back!"

Ava is one strong pupper! As Ava grew older were looking for the perfect treat that could last her hours of fun and entertainment. WAG's antlers have been her absolute favourite treat for 2 years strong now."

— HAE with her German Shepherd Ava 💕