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How To Ace Responsible Dog Ownership

Words by: WAG Team

Published on: November 24, 2023
How To Ace Responsible Dog Ownership

Becoming a dog parent comes with a pawsome amount of joy and a furry companion to share life’s adventures with. However, it also comes with a set of responsibilities that every dog owner should be prepared to undertake. From ensuring your canine companion is well-trained, to socialising them with other fur buddies, and advocating for their overall welfare, responsible dog ownership is a rewarding endeavour that creates a bond like no other.

We already know that our pawsome WAG customers are already stellar dog parents in every regard. However, if you're embarking on the new and exciting journey of dog parenthood or anticipating the pitter-patter of furry feet in your near future, our blog this month delves into the heart of what it means to be a responsible dog owner.

What does it mean to be a responsible dog owner?

Owning a dog is a big responsibility and lifelong commitment, but every dog parent will tell you that is an incredibly rewarding one. Being a responsible dog owner starts with grasping the fundamental pillars that pave the way for a happy and wholesome life for your furry companion.

Addressing basic doggo needs

Every dog is a one-of-a-kind fur ball with their own unique set of needs. It's crucial to dish out a balanced diet, engage them in tail-wagging exercise, and provide a safe, snuggly haven for your pup to sleep. Oh and of course, always shower them with lots of love!

What does it mean to be a responsible dog owner

Health responsibility

Regular vet dates, timely vaccinations, and promptly tending to any sniffles or scratches are all in a day's work of a responsible dog owner. Make sure to look after your dog's teeth and keep an eye out for any lumps and bumps!

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Healthy diet

Give your furry friend a paw up in life by serving up a well-balanced, nutritious diet that's just the right fit for their age and size. Enhance their skin and joint health with our Forage Fish or support their immune system with our Functional Immunity Jerky.

Healthy diet to furry friend


Dogs are the life of the paw-rty! They flourish with interaction, whether it's with two-legged humans or their four-legged furry comrades.

Overall wellbeing

Tuning into your dog's emotional, mental, and physical health is a lifelong gig that significantly enhances their quality of life.

The beauty of responsible dog ownership is that it’s a two-way street. Your dog gets the love, care, and discipline they need, while you receive unconditional love, loyalty, and a whole lotta tail wags in return!

The importance of proper training

Training your dog not only improves behavior but also enhances the bond between you two.

Common training methods

From positive reinforcement to clicker training, exploring different methods and finding what works best for your dog is crucial. Not sure what the best approach is? Have a chat to your vet for their best recommendations on what the next best steps are.

Resources for training

Local dog training schools, online courses, or even books can provide valuable insights into effective training techniques.

Training lays the foundation for a paw-some bond between you and your fur baby, turning the rollercoaster of dog parenting into a breezy carousel ride. The sooner you hop on, the better – puppyhood is prime time. But fret not, you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks! All it takes is a dash of patience, a sprinkle of persistence, and a stash of healthy dog treats for those drool-worthy rewards.

Fostering socialisation

Socialisation is the cornerstone of a well-adjusted, happy pooch.

Tips for socialisation

Kickstart your pup's social life early on, introducing them to a range of environments, humans, and other furry folk in a controlled and safe setting.

Dog park etiquette

Mastering the dog park playbook of do's and don’ts ensures your outdoor escapades are super crucial for both you and your dog. Teaching your dog good etiquette extends to public places as well.

The role of socialisation

Socialisation is a game-changer for your dog’s mental and emotional health, helping them be cool, calm, and collected, no matter the scenario.

The role of socialisation

Have a paw-sitive impact

Promoting animal welfare is more than just showering your own fur baby with love. It’s about supporting ethical practices throughout the pet industry and looking after our environment.

Supporting ethical pet products

Choosing products that are ethically made and promote overall animal welfare is a step towards being a more responsible dog owner.

Look out for the environment

Keep an eye on your dog's carbon pawprint! Make sure to always clean up any messes, opt for biodegradable poop bags and thoughtfully dispose of pet product waste by recycling where you can.

Ethical treats for doggos

Ethical treats for doggos of all shapes and sizes

Embarking on the journey of responsible dog ownership is fulfilling and enriches the lives of both you and your furry companion. It's about creating a loving, nurturing environment for your dog to thrive while also contributing to a more ethical and responsible pet community.

At WAG, we're on a mission to craft healthy dog treats, crafted from premium, sustainably sourced ingredients that are good for both the planet and your pup. With every purchase of our treats, you're not just spoiling your dog with good health, but also helping support our trusted farmers and butchers.

Our diverse range of healthy dog treats caters to canines of all sizes and shapes, embracing varying dietary requirements and wellness wishes. In a doggy dilemma over which treat will have your pup doing the happy dance? Reach out to our friendly team for our tailored recommendations!

Disclaimer: Heads up, this is just some friendly general advice and isn't meant to replace professional medical guidance for your pet. For advice tailored to your dog's unique needs, it's always a good idea to chat with a trusted vet.