Kangaroo Bones give your dog the energy they need to tackle even more chewing

Why Kangaroo Bones?

And why are they a healthy treat for your dog?

Sustainable and Free-Range Kangaroo
The Kangaroo industry works closely with the government to ensure sustainable and humane harvesting as well as conservation for the environment. Kangaroos are 100% wild and cannot be domesticated, meaning they are free-range animals.

Long-Lasting Natural Dental Treat
Regular chewing on this all-Aussie hypoallergenic treat for 30 minutes a day can help reduce tartar buildup on your doggo's chompers by up to 70%.

Full of All the Good Stuff
You get a 2-in-1 deal for these Roo Bones: Kangaroo protein full of B vitamins for ultimate doggo heart health and Kangaroo Bone full of Calcium and Phosphorous for ultimate doggo dental health.

Treating Tips

🐶 Make sure your doggo is 6 months+ for this treat!

🦷 Doggo after a chewing challenge? Try a Kangaroo Rib Rack.
If they're a lazy-bones kinda chewer, try a Kangaroo Tail Bone.

➡️ If you're doggo is bearing down hard, take it away and treat again at a later time.

📦 Store this dehydrated treat in a cool, air-tight place if not chewed up in one sitting.

⚠️ Make sure to always supervise your doggo's chewing time.

🐕 Always be sure to take the Kangaroo Bone away once at a small size.

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Kangaroo Rib Rack 🦘

Got these for my Cooper as his birthday present and he absolutely loves them! I love that they are natural, good for him, don't smell and occupy him for quite some time when I need to get stuff done. Highly recommended!

- Duong and his Welsh Corgi, Cooper