Can my dog eat yoghurt drops?

Can my dog eat yoghurt drops?

Does your doggo have a sweet tooth?

Yoghurt drops are the fresh new treat that pet parents are going bananas (and strawberry, and apricot, and vanilla) for. Not just a delicious taste, yoghurt is loaded with vitamins and minerals, good bacteria and nutritious probiotics to foster a healthy gut. The fruity flavours add some punch to any dinner bowl, in moderation with a healthy doggo diet.

How are yoghurt drops made?

Usually, more than just yoghurt. To keep drops affordable for dog owners everywhere, WAG yoghurt drops are a combo of yoghurt solids, fruity flavours, sugar, skim milk solids and sustainable palm kernel oil.

WAG yoghurt drops come in five flavours: Apricot, Banana, Carob, Strawberry and Vanilla.

Chocolate and dogs don’t sound like a perfect match but Carob is a chocolatey flavour that’s non-toxic and delicious for doggos. It’s important to only give your dog treats that are made especially for dogs. That’s why WAG makes sure that all ingredients are wholesome, healthy, and, most importantly, safe for your doggo to indulge in.

Are yoghurt drops healthy?

Because of the sweet ingredients, yoghurt drops are more like a cheat-treat than a main meal. Just like we do with our favourite human desserts, it’s important to exercise moderation.

We suggest no more than 5 to 10 drops a day. If you’ve accidentally gone overboard, no biggie–just give them a smaller evening meal and get back on track tomorrow.

With pet obesity on the rise in Australia—between 39% and 59% of pet dogs in Europe, Australia and the US are estimated to be overweight or obese— so make sure you rein in the cheat treats. Part of our responsibility as dog owners is keeping our four-legged loves in great shape so they can live their best life, for as long as possible.

As much as our dogs would enjoy a never-ending supply of yoghurty-goodness, we need to keep their diets balanced: which means indulging in small doses. We know it’s tough to look deep into those puppy-dog eyes and say no – but your doggo’s waistline will thank you for the self-restraint.

Are yoghurt drops eco-friendly?

Indulging your doggo’s sweet tooth should be eco-friendly.

Hearing alarm bells? Palm oil is one of the most versatile oils in the industry and staggeringly common as an ingredient, particularly in yoghurt drops. Luckily, WAG makes sure we only use sustainable palm oil in the production of our yoghurt drops. What does that mean? It means the palm oil that is in WAG yoghurt drops is farmed ethically and produced in a way that protects the environment and the local communities who depend on it for their livelihoods.

You can read more about the Global Standard for Sustainable Palm Oil and certification by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

Sticking with companies committed to transparency and using organic materials means you won’t dig up anything rotten (but two-month-old marrow bones buried by your doggo!). Always check the ingredient label–or the website–of a product that lists palm oil to know exactly where it stands in the fight for rainforest conservation. If its sourced sustainably, no need to tuck-tail. If it isn’t, consider sniffing out another source.

Treating your dog should bring joy – not a guilty conscience.

What are the best ways to use yoghurt drops?

Every treat can be tailored to unique moments of your doggy’s daily life.  

Yoghurt drops are the best ammunition to bring to training. We’re big fans of obedience and all the stellar benefits, including an increased bond with your best bud. With their bite-size shape and one-of-a-kind flavours, yoghurt drops will have any dog sit-stay-speaking to perfection for just one morsel. Besides polishing your sit-pretty, yoghurt drops are quintessential for mental stimulation. Small and relatively non-perishable, they’re all kinds of right for dropping into puppy-puzzles, snuffle matts, and stuffing all kinds of toys and treats.

You can melt them, freeze them, mix-and-match them or enjoy straight out of the drop-bottle. You can buy them bottled for instant gratification or design your own treats with DIY doggo recipes. What are you waiting for?

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