WAG Jerky has a wide variety of features and benefits including:

What are air-dried dog treats?

And why are they a healthy addition to a dog diet?

As dog parents, it’s up to us to make the right choices for their health. Not only do treats make the ideal training tool, keeping your dog lean, they’re the ultimate doggo junk food – with no artificial preservatives, no added salt or sugars or glycerines.

Our treats are air-dried and 100% natural – meaning we don't add additives, preservatives, basically anything not-natural into our treats. We don't "process" anything. Air-dried meat has its moisture evaporated through slow-air dehydration (i.e. no heat!). By using an air-dehydration process, all nutrients in the meat are left intact, leaving minimal damage to the goodies in the meat (i.e. the amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and proteins). Basically, it's what anybody would be doing at home, except we do it on a larger scale!

WAG jerky treats are pure, through and through, offering benefits for every part of your dog’s health. Like being good for the gut, helping maintain healthy hips and joints and promoting healthy teeth and gums. Treats are also perfect for mental stimulation – keeping their minds keen and mean for training and learning, both young and senior.

Treating Tips

🐶   Make sure to read the feeding guidelines on the packaging.

🦷  Doggo after a chewing challenge? Try our long-lasting Kangaroo Tendons or Bully Bites. If you're after something short and snappy for training, try snapping our Kangaroo Liver into small, manageable pieces.

🐟  Doggo a lil fussy? Give a Fish treat a try - we can guarantee there's nothin' fishy about them!

➡️   Remember to always supervise your doggo's chewing time!

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"My Henry is addicted!"

My pup is very fussy on his treats. We spent a fortune trying different ones until the WAG range was recommended by our local pet store, so we got some Kangaroo Jerky. He loves it! It’s good for a long chew and is the only thing we can get him to come back to when practicing his recall.

- Simone and her Beagle, Henry 🐶