Coffee Wood Chews

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Introducing Coffee Wood Chews: a chew toy straight out of your dog's dreams! These hard chews support dental health and provide hours of chewing fun indoors or outside. Made from coffee wood, they're naturally odour-free. The chews also do not splinter into sharp fragments, instead, they break down into soft and small digestible chunks (If you notice the chew breaking down, do not be alarmed!). However, make sure to take away any small pieces if you are concerned, as you would with any other chew toy or treat. This is the perfect boredom buster for all dogs, especially those who are heavy chewers!!

We let nothing go to waste by using by-products - a widely recognised and important contributor to sustainability. Playing our part with these positive solutions helps ensure that future generations (both two-legged and four-legged) are able to prosper with Mother Nature. Coffee wood is a natural by-product from the harvesting of coffee beans. This means that during harvesting, no tree is cut down or uprooted for the sole purpose of making these natural dental chews.

WAG Coffee Wood Chews are 100% natural and free of caffeine, chemicals & additives.


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About this product

Long Lasting

Long Lasting

Keep your doggo happier for longer by choosing a treat that makes chewtime last for yonks.

Promotes Dental Health

Promotes Dental Health

Coffee Wood Chews encourage chewing and the scraping away of everyday pup plaque & tartar buildup.

100% Natural & Digestible

100% Natural & Digestible

Softens upon chewing and breaks down easily into digestible chips. Free of nasties and safe for your doggo's tummy!


100% Coffee Wood

Size & Weight

Small: 35-45g / D: 2cm - 2.5cm, L: 14cm

Medium: 90-100g / D: 3cm - 3.5cm, L:17cm

Large: 175-200g / D: 3.5cm- 4.5cm, L:19cm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Coffee Wood Chews?

Chewing is a natural tendency for dogs. It helps them through their teething troubles, gives natural dental protection and keeps them occupied. And while it might seem easier to let your doggo chew on the stray stick they found outdoors, it might carry bacteria, splinter in the mouth, or cause dental diseases. To ensure that your doggo gets to gnaw on their favourite chew toy safely, we recommend getting Coffee Wood chews which are 100% natural, free of nasties, do not splinter and are easily digestible - basically the ideal chew toy of your doggo's dreams!

How are Coffee Wood Chews sourced?

Sustainability plays a huge role in the way we operate at WAG. This means we let nothing go to waste by using by-products. Coffee wood is a natural by-product from the harvesting of coffee beans. During harvesting, no tree is cut down or uprooted for the sole purpose of making these natural dental chews. The harvested Coffee wood is then air dried gently to toughen it up and make it a safe and a satisfying chew for your dog to gnaw on and on and on!

How are Coffee Wood Chews different from other treats?

Coffee Wood Chews can be classified as a 'chew toy' instead of a treat. While most of our treats are bone or meat based (with a few veggie exceptions of course), WAG is introducing Coffee Wood chews as a new toy in the Australian market, promising all the chewing fun your dog needs while also catering to their natural chewing instincts. Long-lasting and boredom-busting, our Coffee Wood Chews are the ideal chew toy to keep your dog occupied with their favourite pastime!

Are Coffee Wood Chews safe for my dog?

Our Coffee Wood Chews are made from 100% natural hardwood and are free of nasties. They also soften upon chewing, which means they don't pose a splintering or choking hazard. In fact, they break down into digestible chips - so that they're safe and easy on your doggo's tummy!

When should I get a Coffee Wood Chew for my dog?

Every dog has different chewing habits. These habits can also vary depending on their life stages. From a teething puppy to an aggressive chewer - every dog needs to satisfy the urge to grab something tough and durable to gnaw on. So get our Coffee Wood Chew Anytime and any way - because we're sure your doggo will stick to it like a best friend!

Does this product contain caffeine?

While the product itself is made with 100% natural coffee wood, it does not contain caffeine or any other synthetics. It's a pure chew-joy to keep your doggo's boredom at bay!

Do they come in different sizes?

Yes, there are three sizes of Coffee Wood Chews available (Small, Medium, Large) which are suitable for all dogs - whether big or small. You can choose the one that's most suited to your dog. Please note that our chews are sourced from naturally cultivated trees and are hand-cut,hence no two pieces will be exactly alike.

Can I feed a Coffee Wood Chew to my Puppy?

It is recommended to feed to Puppies who are aged 18 weeks and above.

Do the Coffee Wood Chews have any flavour?

The Coffee Wood Chews are not caffeinated, nor do they have any artificial flavours. They taste just like sticks do - woody and 100% natural!

When is a good time to replace the Coffee Wood Chew?

If your dog has been having a good go at the Chew for a couple of days/weeks then it should ideally break down or wear out into chunks. Large sized pieces can be chewed on without any risk. However, make sure to take away any swallow-size chunks to prevent the risk of choking, as you would do with any other treat or toy.