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Say No To Cold Paws! How To Keep Dogs Warm In Winter

Words by: WAG Team

Published on: June 14, 2022
Say No To Cold Paws! How To Keep Dogs Warm In Winter

Winter weather is officially upon us which means we are bundling up in warm jumpers and cranking our heaters. But what does this mean for our doggos?

They feel the cold just as much as us, just not on as big of a scale. Depending on their size and coat, we might need to help them hold on to the heat they might be losing. So, what can we do to warm up our furry friends?

Warm and cosy spots around the house

Just like you, your doggo loves to cuddle up somewhere warm and cosy. Your furry friend might not be a huge fan of cold temperatures, so a comfy bed and some blankets might help. 

If your dog is on the smaller side, they might need more blankets on their bed to keep them warm. If you have a big doggo, they might not need as many layers. Keep checking your dog’s nose frequently and adjust the blankets accordingly. Your furry friend should have a wet nose, if it dries it could be a sign your canine companion is overheating. 

If you live in a colder climate, consider getting your doggo a warming mat. You can opt for an electric or a microwavable option, just always make sure they are of comfortable temperature before popping it on your dog’s bed.

doggo a warming mat

Snazzy sweaters

Just like you have your very favourite sweater to pop on when the winter is storming outside, why not get one for your pooch too? Most pet stores and online retailers sell doggo jumpers and sweaters in every size and design imaginable. 

Obviously, when it comes to dog’s with thick coats, they might not need a jacket as their coats provide natural insulation. However, in colder climates (ones with snow) thick coat breeds such as the Husky or Bernese might still need a light jacket. 

Make sure that you pick the right fit by measuring your pooch's length and width of their neck. The jacket you choose should stay firmly in place, without being too tight. A loose fitting jacket could be a potential choking hazard. 

There are so many types and designs of jackets and sweaters out there, and they are the perfect way to bring out your doggo’s stylish side whilst keeping them toasty warm.

Some doggos won't like wearing a jacket, and that's completely okay. Every pooch is different! You can try persuade your dog into one by having some beef jerky for dogs on hand, however if all else fails, simply provide your dog a warm space and limit their time outside.

Snazzy sweaters

Shelter outside

Some dogs innately are outside dogs. If you live in a cold climate, having your doggo spend long periods of time outdoors might be a risk for ear and tail frostbite. Providing a warm shelter will help reduce this risk significantly. Make sure the shelter is dry and positioned away from any cold winds. If the shelter is still too cold, try laying down some straw for insulation before laying down the blankets.

The perfect shelter is slightly off the ground, as often the ground is too cold, not allowing the shelter to stay consistently warm throughout. Put some warm blankets down on the floor of the shelter and always remember to provide a bowl of water. Stash some natural dog treats inside (our Braided Bully Sticks are a crowd favourite!) to keep them occupied during the colder days.

How cold is too cold?

Although rare in Australia, if your dog does get too cold they do risk developing hypothermia just like us humans. If you notice that they cannot stop shivering and your efforts to warm them up prove unsuccessful, take them to your local vet. Pop some hot water bottles in towels around your dog in the car to keep them as warm as possible on your journey. Your vet will be the best equipped to get your dog toasty warm again and back on their feet.

Paws please

In places with particularly cold snowy climates, your dog might get ice stuck to their paws and fur, which interferes with them being able to properly regulate their temperature. Check their paws after every time they come back inside and remove any ice build up. Make sure to keep their nails clipped short and the fur on their paws well-trimmed. 

The right nourishment

During the colder months, make sure your doggo is super hydrated and well-fed. A regular, balanced diet will provide enough nutrients and healthy fats to keep your furry friend warm and healthy all winter long. 

If you don’t already, you can consider feeding your dog warm meals in winter. Some lean cooked chicken or beef mince and rice would go down a treat. You can load up this meal with some cooked veggies from your Sunday roast as well if you have any leftovers on hand (just avoid onion and garlic of course!). 

We may be a little biased, but our healthy dog treats are the best way to treat your dog whilst maintaining a healthy diet. 

right nourishment

So warm, so cosy

Now that you know the best ways of keeping your furry friend warm and cosy, enjoy this winter season! Your furry companion will love having you around to cuddle up to on those icy winter nights.