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Puppy Pack

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For the new kids on the block! Our PUPPY PACK contains an assortment of deliciously soft and chewy treats. Designed to keep your new fur baby’s mouth busy during the teething (AKA the nipping, biting, chewing everything) phase.
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About this product

Perfect for Puppies

Perfect for Puppies

Puppies love to chew, bite and gnaw. Our pack has been designed with soft and chewy treats that keeps puppies occupied for longer.

Great for Metabolism

Great for Metabolism

Dogs have a higher metabolism than people, and puppies have an even higher one. Treats can keep their energy contained and focused with chewing, while meeting their nutritional needs.

Grain Free

Grain Free

The only ingredients are what nature intended — meat, vital organs, and bones — which means more protein and fewer soluble carbohydrates.

What’s in the pack?

Moo Tubes (Single)

Bully Stick (Regular Size)

Collagen Stick (Regular Size)

Kangaroo Jerky 200g

Frequently Asked Questions

What age do you recommend the Puppy Pack for?

We recommend our Puppy Pack for puppies ages 5-6 months and under, who aren't quite yet power chewers and might have just begun teething.

My puppy's older than 6 months and a power chewer! What would you recommend?

Our Puppy Pack is better suited to puppies under 5-6 months, who aren't quite yet power chewers. We'd recommend trialing out what your dog likes by trying out the Taste Tester Pack, or the Tough Love Pack if they are really enthusiastic about the chew! 🍖

How long does this Pack last for?

Ultimately, it depends on how furious a chewer your puppy is! Keeping in mind that you want to treat in moderation, give your dog treats in 30-minute supervised intervals. Treats like the Moo Tube and Bully Stick will keep your puppy occupied for longer. The Jerky can be broken down into smaller pieces that make for great training treats.