Why Goat Treats?

And why are they a healthy treat for your dog?

Ethically and Sustainably Sourced
WAG Goat Horns come from local Victorian sources who farm goats for human consumption. We step in and take the byproduct leftovers - Goat Horns!
Our Horns are especially unique as during the sterilisation process, we remove the live membrane inside. Keeping the marrow might be delish but it often requires the complicated addition of presrvatives and packaging to keep it fresh. We take it out to keep the Horn all natural.

Long-Lasting Natural Dental Treat
Regular chewing on this hypoallergenic treat for 30 minutes a day can help reduce tartar buildup on your doggo's chompers by up to 70%.

DIY Boredom Buster
This unconventional yet tough chew can redirect any dog's destructive tendencies. Stuff the hollow insides of a Horn with peanut butter, kibble or other treats for an interactive DIY treat!


Treating Tips

🐶  Make sure your doggo is 6 months+ for this treat!

🥣  Soak your Horn in beef or chicken stock for a tastier time.

🦷  Doggo after a chewing challenge? Try stuffing a Whole Horn.
If they're fussy and want the tasty stuff asap, try stuffing a Split.

➡️   If you're doggo is bearing down hard, take it away and treat again at a later time.

🐕  Always be sure to take the Horn away once it gets to a small size.

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"Best Natural Chew Ever!"

These are the only bones our French Bulldog can have. Doesn’t break the teeth, she loves chewing them, in fact they have become her comfort toy. She chews and watches TV with it and likes to play tug with it. I cannot be without my WAG Goat Horn!

- Jenny S and her Frenchie