Bone-A-Fide Heroes

WAG Bone-A-Fide Heroes

At WAG we’re pure of heart, intention and treat.

We’re not just about taking care of our doggos’ health, but their wellbeing too.

So we created BONE-A-FIDE HEROES, to give dogs in need a leg up.

Everytime you see the HEROES gold stamp on your WAG treats, we’ve donated a percentage of our sales to a BONE-A-FIDE charity. That means we contribute to real people, doing really good things.

Because as loyal as our dogs are, they depend us to make a positive change to the pet community.

Know a BONE-A-FIDE HERO? We want to hear it straight from the doggo’s mouth. Bark at us below.

Do you know a BONE-A-FIDE Hero?

We want the best for all dogs. Pure and simple.

WAG Bone-A-Fide Heroes