dehydrated DOG TREATS

Treat your dog to good health with natural air-dried treats.

WHAT ARE dehydratred dog TREATS?

And why are they a healthy choice for your dog?

Air-dried treats are exactly that – meat that has had its moisture evaporated through slow-air dehydration (i.e. no heat!). Through the air-dehydration process, all nutrients are left intact, leaving minimal damage to the goodies in the treat (i.e. the amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and proteins).

Dogs are meat-eaters (and -lovers). We know this from the sharp point of their teeth, their digestive system, and their voracious appetites. It only makes sense to treat them with their favourites. WAG opted for air-drying, an innovative way to keep treats fresh, healthy and long-lasting.

Dried to perfection, our air-dried treats give dog owners a peace of mind and doggos the taste of health.

Air-dried raw food can be fed as everyday staple food or can be sprinkled over kibble as a tasty topper. It is a convenient way of providing more of the nutrition canines need, with much less of the mess.

Not cooked. Just dried.

Natural, single-ingredient treats undergo a slow dehydration process. During this process, no additives are added whatsoever. Water is removed and results in a shelf-stable treat that won’t go off, as there is no more moisture in the treat to contract mould. By removing water, the taste of the treat becomes concentrated and even more delicious for your doggo.

Dehydrated single ingredient treats offer the same benefits as raw meats – the air-drying process helps maintain the nutritional value of the proteins, vitamins, and nutrients in the real, raw meat treat.

It's all meat

(except our antlers & goat horns)

At WAG, we use the best meat sourced locally from the finest butchers. Only if we sniff out a better product elsewhere do we travel far from home and source overseas (you can find out which products are sourced overseas here). What does ‘best meat’ mean? It means looking for free-range, organically-produced, pasture-fed and humanely raised on fully traceable, sustainably managed farms, whether it be Australian or from overseas.

It’s natural & small batch

It’s natural & small batch

Our treats are farm-sourced, hand-cut and locally packaged. We employ a nose-to-tail policy: let nothing go astray by using and sourcing animal byproducts. Byproducts are all the things chopped off, left by the wayside when animals are products harvested, and are generally anything other than muscle meat mass-produced for human consumption.

Animal byproducts are a sustainable alternative to sourcing meat treats for our loveable dogs. The use of byproducts is widely recognised as being an important contributor to sustainability goals, nationally and globally.

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Treat your dog to good health

Unlike raw or frozen dog food, you don’t need to refrigerate air-dried food.

Air-dried meat can sit on the shelf for two years and still keep the nutritional benefits of normal meat.

Treating your dog doesn’t have to be an exercise in junk food! With air-dried treats, you can:

  • KEEP THEM HEALTHY– Add extra nutrition and healthy supplements to your dog’s diet

  • TRAIN YOUR DOG – Be used as part of training and as a positive reward for good behaviour

  • REWARD YOUR DOG FOR GOOD BEHAVIOUR – Long-lasting chew treats can help relieve boredom and reduce destructive behaviour

  • KEEP TEETH CLEAN AND SHINY – Dental treats and gnaws can promote healthy teeth and provide oral care

Or, use treats to reward your dog for just being your dog!