WAG Functional Jerky

With 100% natural and active ingredients to help support the ones we love the most.

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Functional Jerky

With Active Ingredients

Functional Jerky

With Active Ingredients

Functional Jerky

With Active Ingredients

Frequently Asked


How often should I feed my dog WAG functional treats?

The recommended number of WAG functional treats to feed your dog each day will vary depending on the weight of your dog. Please refer to the feeding guide on the back of the pouch for the maximum recommended daily serve.

Are WAG Functional treats made in Australia?

All products in the WAG functional range are manufactured in Australia.

How can I get the best results for my dog’s health with WAG functional treats?

The WAG functional range has been formulated to use as a treat and to complement your doggo’s normal diet, providing additional health benefits.

Can WAG functional treats be broken into smaller pieces to be used for training?

Absolutely! Break the jerky apart by hand, be sure to follow the feeding guide and not exceed the recommended daily dose for your dog.

When is the best time to give my dog WAG Functional Treats?

We recommend feeding your dog WAG Functional Treats during the day, between morning and evening meals.

Are WAG Functional Treats Natural?

Yes! All ingredients used in WAG Functional treats are 100% natural, and free of synthetic additives, fillers, and nasties.

At what age can I feed my dog WAG Functional Treats?

WAG Functional treats can be enjoyed from 8 weeks of age.