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WAG Hard Veggie Dental Sticks Pack
WAG Hard Veggie Dental Sticks Pack
WAG Hard Veggie Dental Sticks
WAG Hard Veggie Dental Sticks Measurements
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Hard Vegetarian Dental Sticks (10 Pack)


You know what they say: a Veggie Stick a day keeps the doctor away. A massive 80% of our pups (aged 3 and up) have some pearly-white-problems – plaque, tartar and periodontal disease. Dental Sticks do more than just fight tooth and nail to bust tartar build-up. Packed with vitalising vitamins and minerals, it's perfect for doggos with the jaws of life. So stick up for your doggo’s dental health with these tip-top teething treats.

We suggest treating your doggo for up to 30 minutes a day and supervised with this treat.


Rice Flour, Sorbitol, Tapioca, Potato, Dried Yeast Extract, Hydrolised Vegetable Protein, Sugar, Sea Salt, Canola Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Natural Colours

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min.) 4.7%
Crude Fat (Min.) 0.4%
Crude Fibre 0.1%



Country of Origin


These treats can be stored in resealable bags for freshness or an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.

WAG should be a small part of your dog’s natural balanced diet but with the big benefit of a healthy snack. We suggest giving them this treat for up to 30 minutes a day, supervised and removing any small pieces. No dog diet is complete without a treat, so good thing ours are good for you.

Our chews are dried to perfection through a slow air dehydration process.

The raw meat is sourced primarily from Queensland and Victorian butchers with only the best quality 100% Australian proteins.

Air dehydration removes the water and moisture from the raw meat and adds nothing back in. This natural process locks in the nutrients and a rich, concentrated taste that gradually develops in each single ingredient.

Our local suppliers have been carefully selected. They have state-of-the-art accredited facilities where quality and safety are tested before products are sent to our Melbourne facility.

Packaged right here, every chews goes straight into our WAG Bags or is wrapped with a label with no preservatives or additives. Only pure love for your doggo.

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