The lowdown on Bully Sticks

The lowdown on Bully Sticks
What used to be a rare and fortunate find has now become a staple of pet stores everywhere, gracing shelves in an enormous variety of shapes, colours, textures and tastes. Bully Sticks are an undeniable member of the Supertreat Trio – is that a thing? If not we’re making it one – boasting out of this world health benefits and addictive taste.

Read ahead for the 411 on Bully Sticks, as we work tirelessly to demystify treats so that you don’t have to.

What is a bully stick?

You heard us – member, willy, eggplant emoji 🍆
Got the giggles all out of your system? Before they were pulled and packaged for doggo- consumption, bully sticks belonged to the phallic region of a steer. They’re truly a treat of variety and are commonly sold raw, dried, cooked, large, small, hard and soft. The most common bully stick on the market will be dehydrated. While we probably don’t have to sing our praises of WAG’s dehydrated treats (you are here, after all) we’d be amiss if we didn’t mention them. Dehydrating animal parts means retaining the wholesome benefits – vitamins, nutrients and a spectacular taste that is often lost in standard cooking procedures, plus it seriously prolongs shelf-life. Bully sticks are usually cut down to a variety of sizes, which means you can mix-and-match the perfect size to the perfect dog. What more could you ask for?

Why try a bully stick?

Here are some reasons:
 Bully sticks are super healthy and rich in protein
 They’re fantastic for dental health
 They’re long-lasting and durable – so dogs can chew for longer

Super Healthy

When compared to other risky treats on the market (we’re looking at you rawhide), bully sticks are totally safe for consumption. They’re ultra-solid which means your dog has to slowly and carefully grind them down, instead of being broken into big bites. Bully sticks are a ton easier to digest than most other commercial chews, meaning you can chill out while your doggo chows down.
Put a microscope to bully sticks and they only get better. They’re sky-high in protein, crazy low in carbohydrates and super lean so even dogs on a diet can occasionally indulge.


The best thing about bully sticks? They last seriously long. If you’ve got a dog that makes it his life mission to demolish treats in minutes (like we do) then your prayers have finally been answered. While saliva helps soften bully sticks, you can still expect hours of lip-licking fun and some well-deserved peace and quiet.
Some bully sticks can last from days to weeks, depending on the dedication of the doggo eating it. They are the gold standard of occupy treats: mentally enriching your dog and keeping their mind bright, busy and thinking.

Dental benefits

We’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again – dental disease is a huge problem for doggos, and at WAG we’re out on the frontline for pearly- whites. Here’s where bully sticks come in.
Their unique texture and consistency make them ideal for ultimate plaque-scraping, kicking back at tartar build-up in each delicious, dehydrated bite. For the most effective dental care routine you should always include the regular addition of tough chews, maintaining pearly- whites between brushing and professional dental scaling.
Ever had a dental visit you’ve enjoyed? It’s kind of like that. But better. And it tastes like beef.

Why do bully sticks look so different?

Bully sticks come in a huge variety of shapes, colours, patterns and textures. 100% natural treats are taken straight from the source rather than out of a factory mould. No treat is the same, and we think that’s the special charm that comes with feeding super healthy, unique, dehydrated animal parts.
To speak plainly, they’re kind of like the very last, leftover veggies at the supermarket. Bully Sticks come in all kinds of weird shapes and colours, and sometimes they’re a little out of the ordinary. But that doesn’t mean they’re not extraordinarily good for you.

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