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Samantha and the WAG Time Capsule (2015 – 2020)

Words by: Samantha Laguyo

Feb 27, 2020

Samantha and the WAG Time Capsule (2015 – 2020)

Hi WAG Fam,

I’m Samantha, the General Manager here at WAG, and this week I celebrated 5 years at WAG. Over the past 5 years, from our start-up roots to now, I’ve worn many hats in this company from marketing to accounts to operations and have been lucky enough to experience both the high and lows of working in a small business.

Throughout the past 5 years though, one thing has remained constant: our love for treating dogs with natural goodness and connecting with our community of doggos all across Australia.
10 year
I wanted to share with you some of my favourite moments from the last 5 years (and some you may even remember them if you have stuck around with us for that long!). Here’s to another 5 years!

October 2017: The One where I learnt how to use Adobe After Effects and Couldn’t. Stop. Making. Videos.

One great thing about being here during WAG’s start-up days is that it gave me the arena to cultivate skills across a variety of different departments. In October 2017, I was obsessed with making short videos for WAG and this one was truly a pièce de résistance for 2017-Samantha.

July 2016: The One where we showed you the versatility of Goat Horns.

One thing we’ve learnt in small business is that when it comes to content marketing, content that can be re-purposed and recycled is king. This recipe video created in 2016 was recycled in 2017 and showed pet parents how to stuff Goat Horns with some pantry basics. Fusion Goat Treats for the sophisticated doggo, indeed (Or you know, for the dog that just wants it all!)

December 2016: The One where we were astounded by the dog community around us and had to give you all a big thank you.

2016 was a huge year at WAG. We launched our new packaging, we hit 10K followers on Instagram (yay!) and we began running our ‘Doggy Day Out’ events at local dog parks across Melbourne. To all the doggos that have stuck around since then – we thank you!

November 2017: The One where we made funny videos with references to some 90s classics.

We didn’t put the classic MC Hammer song as background music to truly complete the joke, but you bet our small tight-knit team at the time thought it was funny beyond belief. Plus, isn’t Antler time every time of the day.

April 2018: The One when we were front and centre on the Silver Screen.

In April 2018, we were lucky enough to have an ad spot in Lido Cinemas in Hawthorn, Melbourne to celebrate the release of the movie Isle of Dogs. During the start of 2018, we had begun to solidify our branding and this gorgeous ad had input from everyone in our team, made with a whole lotta love.


Samantha Laguyo

Passionate about crafting sustainable brands for the next generation, Samantha was one of WAG's very first employees and has been the driver for the WAG brand you know and love today. Fits into the Melbournian stereotype of liking cold weather and always wearing black; lover of black coffee, kpop, bubble tea and searching high and low for cute pet accessories to splurge on.