GET WAG just got some more swagger

GET WAG just got some more swagger

New Website, New Look

We’re wagging like a dog with two tails here. After five years of treat-deliverin’ goodness, our online HQ gets a new look with lots of licks of paint. You’ll want to know what’s stayed the same: a heap of the good stuff, like our free shipping, Afterpay available, WAG easy returns and our amazing treats that doggos go ra-ra-ra for.

But what’s new?

Subscribe & Save

It’s now easier (and more affordable) to get your doggo’s favourite treats delivered to their very own eating schedule with our subscribe and save option. It’s called Auto Delivery, it’s available product-wide and you can save an extra 5–10% off treats!

When you create an order and select the ‘Auto Delivery’ option, you’ll also be able to set up a flexible order delivery schedule. If this isn’t a reason to raise the ruff (ruff, ruff!) then what is?

Check your customer account to see when the next order is set for or hang tight for a reminder text and email notification that lets you know, too.

WAG Rewards is now The Good Dog Club

With our rewards programs, WAG always wants to bring you closer to the pack and as long as you’re a good dog, you’ll always be welcomed on the bed (not just the couch!).

We’ve always maintained good things come in small AND BIG packages (just like our doggos) and that’s definitely the case when we expanded and redesigned our rewards program. Gone is the doggy come GOOD BILL$.

The Good Dog Club rewards you for joining our program (with a smacking 200 GOOD BILLS) in an everybody-wins kind of way. Sniff out these new ways we’re rewarding you for being a Good Dog:

  • for droppin’ WAG in that bag (at checkout), you’ll receive 10 GOOD BILLS for every $1 you spend online;
  • like @getwag on our socials and you’ll get 100 GOOD BILLS
  • review any product you purchase online and earn 300 GOOD BILLS…

...but oh wait, there’s more, so we really recommend you have a look at our Good Dog Club for the deets on this one.

How green can we go?

WAG have a holistic view of sustainability. This means we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and becoming part of the solution for waste management. If your dog's playground is the park, ours is the earth. So we make conscious choices to benefit both. You can be sure that WAG dog treats are sustainable at their very core.

Talk that Dog Talk to me, yeah

We want to show you what dog nutrition looks like and what it tastes like, and it starts with getting you the right info about your dog’s health in our fresh and informed blog, DOG TALK.

Healthy treats are what we’re about. If you’re here, then we’re likely to agree that a healthy dog is a happy dog. That means knowing what hypoallergenic treats you can give your dog who suffers from tummy trauma (hop to Roo as it sounds like it might be the right chew of choice), or knowing how to use yoghurt drops sparingly to train your dog – there’s a lot to share and a lot to learn.

So visit DOG TALK where we bark, never bite.

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